hairstyle trends Upgrade These 8 Hairstyles With ‘90s-Inspired Butterfly Clips

November 25, 2020
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Butterfly clips are no longer a trend of the past. This nostalgia-inducing hair accessory seems to be taking over our Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok feeds as a need-to-have look. Aside from the fact that butterflip hair clips are having a moment, they can also be easily added to hairstyles you already know how to create for a trendy upgrade. Ahead, we’re sharing our favorite butterfly clip hairstyles and how to create them.

Are Butterfly Clips Making a Comeback?

We touched on this, but just to be clear: Butterfly clips are in style. The hair accessory was originally popular in the ‘90s and 2000s—and it’s making a comeback. In fact, it seems that people are trading barrettes and bobby pins in favor of this throwback accessory to clip their strands away from their face. Here are eight ways to do just that.

1. Side Twists

Why we love them: This hairstyle pulls your strands out of your face while still allowing you to flaunt your length. It’s also one of the easiest ways to wear butterfly clips in hair.

How to DIY it: Part your hair down the middle. Start on one side of your head and grab a one-inch section at the hairline. Twist the section back toward your ear, adding hair into the twist as you go. Stop just before you reach your ear and secure with a butterfly clip or two. Repeat on the other side for symmetrical twists.

2. Twisted Rows

Why we love them: This butterfly clips ‘90s look makes us feel like we should be starring in a classic RomCom, since it has seen its fair share of screen-time. The look is stylish and practical, since it helps to keep your hair out of the way.

How to DIY it: Create several one-inch sections along your hairline, depending on how much hair you have. Grab one section of hair and twist it straight back away from your hairline. Stop twisting once you reach the halfway point of your head and secure with a butterflip hair clip. Repeat on the rest of your sections. Set your style with the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold.

3. Statement Face-Frame

Why we love it: Face-framing strands are having a moment in the beauty world, from color options like eGirl hair to cuts like curtain bangs. Whether you’re rocking on of the latest trends or simply want to highlight your facial features, this is a comeback butterfly hair clips ‘90s hairstyle we can get behind.

How to DIY it: Grab two one-inch sections of hair at the front of your face and clip them out of the way. Then, work on one side of your head and twist the hair away from your face, securing with butterfly clips. Repeat on the other side. Release your face-framing strands so they can be on full display.

4. Space Buns

Why we love them: They’re already a hairstyle that’s fun. When you add butterfly clips into the mix, the hairstyle gets a whimsical, creative upgrade.

How to DIY it:  Create two symmetrical space buns. Then, place your butterfly hair clips around the base of each bun or throughout the space buns themselves. Set your style with the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray.

5. Curly Strands

Why we love them: A natural curly hair texture adds all the more uniqueness to a butterfly clips look.

How to DIY it:  Apply a hair mousse, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse, to damp strands. Scrunch and let your hair air dry, Then, place butterfly hair clips throughout to highlight your texture.

6. Low Bun

Why we love it: A low bun is known for being chic and polished. Adding butterfly clips gives it a youthful, creative touch.

How to DIY it: Smooth a small amount of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel through your roots. Then, slick your hair back into a low bun. Add butterfly hair clips onto the bun.

7. Down The Side

Why we love it: There was a time when a single accent braid was the style to try, and now a single accent strand of butterfly clips in hair is having its moment. This style lets your butterflies be on full display while letting you wear the rest of your hair as you please.

How to DIY it: Style your hair as you wish—whether you’re a fan of sleek, straight hair or voluminous curls. Just be sure to wear it down! Then, grab a one-inch section of hair and clip butterfly clips all the way down its length from roots to end.

8. Half-Up Pigtails

Why we love them: This butterfly clips ‘90s look is perfect for those who are carefree and full of spirit. It also conveniently keeps your strands out of your face.

How to DIY it: Part your hair horizontally so there is a top and bottom section of hair, making sure the bottom half is larger than the top. Clip the bottom half out of the way. Part the top half down the middle and focus on one side. Twist the side from your hairline backward until you reach the back of the top of your head. Secure with butterfly clips to create a mini ponytail. Repeat on the other side. Release the bottom section of hair and you’re all set!

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