The Virtual Makeup Try On tool is an immersive makeup simulator that lets you try on makeup virtually. It uses augmented reality technology to create highly realistic virtual makeup application to enrich and assist your beauty experience. Try the tool now to unleash creativity and find products that are right for you!


  • Step 1

    Try on live or upload a selfie

  • Step 2

    Select a make-up category of your choice

  • Step 3

    Choose a product you want to try

  • Step 4

    Peruse a range of shades & tones for each product

  • Step 5

    Want to see more? Add a new product to your look

  • Step 6

    Use the split-screen for a before & after vibe

  • Step 7

    Like what you see? Save or buy this look


The tool detects 63 key landmarks on your face
Automatically adapts to your skin tone
Realistic makeup finishes for ultimate authenticity
More than 400 shades to try
Safe space: your
selfies are never stored

Experience the ultimate beauty revolution with L'Oréal Paris' virtual makeup try-on. We've all been there – that stunning lipstick shade that caught your eye at the store, only to disappoint when applied. Or those eyeliner mishaps hidden away in the depths of your cosmetics drawer. And let's not forget about the months spent wearing the wrong foundation shade simply because you already purchased it. We understand that the gap between imagination and reality can be frustrating. That's why L’Oréal Paris harnessed the power of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to bring you a game-changing solution.

Augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing beauty. Our interactive makeup simulator harnesses these “technologies of the time” to generate true-to-life simulations and a seamless virtual makeover experience. An advanced face-tracking method detects face landmark points. The makeup tester tool then uses those to superimpose lifelike computer-generated virtual makeup onto your selfies or live images. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the interactive Virtual Try On tool was developed using a base of xxx expert-rated face images from women of diverse ages and ethnicities for a superior color match. Your images are processed directly on—and so never leave—your device, keeping your data safe. Dare yourself to experiment & invent any look. Anywhere, anytime.


What would that eyeshadow palette actually look like on me? If you’re undecided, compare shades and find your flair using the virtual tester.
What lipstick color is best for me? Virtually try on lipstick before making a commitment using lipstick try on.
What shade suits my skin? If you’re wondering how to match foundation to your skin online, the makeup simulator can color match to successfully find foundation shade while adapting to different lighting conditions.

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