Elvive Dream Lengths Curls Refresh & Reshape leave-in spray

Dream Lengths Curls Refresh and Reshape leave-in spray instantly brings curly hair back. Lightly re-hydrate and reshape curls with no build-up. Say goodbye to crunchy, sticky, weighed down curls and hello to dream curls, Best for wavy hair to coily hair. Lock in long-lasting moisture and define curls, our paraben-free formulas with hyaluronic acid and castor oil help achieve dreamy hydrated, bouncy, soft curls without weigh down. Curly Hair Regimen - Moisture Push Shampoo and Moisture Seal Conditioner add moisture, No-Build Up Micellar Shampoo removes excess build up, Non-Stop Dreamy Curls leave-in conditioner defines and Refresh and Reshape Curl leave-in spray quickly refreshes. Sweet, fruity, floral scent


Sorry, this product is no longer available. See our suggested replacements.

  • 4.4 Oz
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