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How to Wear a Barrette

May 21, 2019

From head wraps to bobby pins, it’s safe to say we’re a huge fan of hair accessories. Regardless of the beauty look you’re going for, there’s an accessory fit for just about any hairstyle and occasion. One hair accessory that’s making a comeback from the past? Barrettes! Those cute little hair clips your mom used to put in your mane as a child are back in a big way—and we’re here to show you a few trendy barrette hairstyles to help you turn the nostalgia-inducing clips into a modern accessory. Keep reading to learn how to wear a barrette six different ways.


With so many different barrette styles to choose from, why not make one the center of your look? Whether you prefer a plain black barrette, something with a little more glitz, or one with a pattern is totally up to you. Pin one barrette—or a few, but more on that later—along your hairline to make a statement with your style. This look is also the perfect option if you happen to have side bangs that are in that awkward grow-out stage. Pin them back with a chic barrette (we’re obsessed with ones adorned with pearls!) and your bangs will have a whole new life.


Like we mentioned above, barrettes don’t have to be worn alone. In fact, one of the most popular ways to wear them at the moment is in a crisscross fashion. Consider placing your crisscross barrettes at the front of your mane to show off this trendy style. We’re especially fond of pairing crisscross barrettes with sleek, super-straight strands. The barrettes add a feminine touch and an extra bit of detail to an otherwise fierce yet simple ‘do.


If you don’t want your barrettes to be front and center, consider accenting your look by placing this popular hair accessory on the side on your head. You can use your barrette to keep your strands in place or simply for a bit of extra decoration. Try topping off your ponytail hairstyle with a barrette. Simply slick your mane back into a ponytail and place your clip above your ear to get the look. For double the fun, consider going for a symmetrical look with a middle part and one barrette on either side of your head! When all is said and done, spritz your ‘do with the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray for major staying power.

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Two barrettes are better than one—that’s how the saying goes, right? Rather than wearing a single statement barrette, try a style that’s twice as nice and place two smaller barrettes side by side. This is an ideal way to amp up a simple, solid-colored barrette if you don’t have any with a pattern or a sparkly finish on-hand. It’s also totally suitable for daytime wear, so don’t shy away from trying this barrette hairstyle out for work!


There’s definitely something to be said for hairstyles that are nice and simple in the front and more intricate in the back, and that’s exactly what this barrette style is all about. Rather than having your barrette be at the forefront of your style, try placing it at the back of your mane. You can use one to clip back your face-framing pieces for a subtle half-up hairstyle or place one at the center of the back of your head when wearing a top knot. Get creative!


It’s a simple equation: The more barrettes adorning your hairstyle, the more fun your 'do will be! And you don’t have to stop at doubling things up when it comes to barrettes. In fact, there are plenty of small, thin barrettes that look best when worn in groups of five. Yes—five (or more)! Go wild and create a line of barrettes, alternating the way they’re facing for a totally chic look. You can line them along your hairline, on the side of your mane, or at the back of your head to give your look a fashionable twist.

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