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hairstyle trends 7 Viral TikTok Hair Trends To Inspire Your Next Hair Transformation

Cuts, color, and styles 一 we’re sharing it all.

It’s no secret that TikTok has a major influence on our fashion choices, makeup styles, skin care routines, and more. It’s become a frequent source of aesthetic inspiration 一 and it’s safe to say that its impact on hair trends specifically over the last year has been tremendous. And if you’ve already started incorporating TikTok makeup and skin care trends into your beauty routine, it’s time to get acquainted with the popular haircut, style and color trends that can take your hairstyle up a notch. Seriously, these trends are a total mane-changer.

1. Velcro Roller Waves 

If you have damaged hair, then you can probably relate to desperately wanting to style your hair sans hot tools. TikTokers took to the platform to share the results they achieved using velcro rollers to create waves 一 yes, the same kind of rollers that have been popular for decades. If you’re looking to achieve a voluminous ‘90s blowout, or some gorgeous waves without heat, give this long-standing technique a go. 

2. Robe Curls 

Another heatless hairstyle technique that reached viral status on TikTok is bathrobe curls. This trend has people using robe belts or similar objects to wrap their hair around while it’s partially damp. You simply wrap small sections of damp hair around the belt, let them set for several hours, and then remove the tie to reveal curls. The results vary from loose waves to full, bouncy curls that require no heat.

3. Wolf Cut 

Chances are, if you’ve scrolled through TikTok at all over the past year, you’ve seen more than one wolf cut hair transformation. This shaggy haircut involves tons of layers and makes for a piecy, voluminous style with a grungy twist and lots of charm. 

4. Curtain Bangs 

It’s more than likely that you’re already familiar with curtain bangs, but we’d be remiss not to talk about this TikTok viral trend. Curtain bangs involve a fringe that’s parted down the middle, with long wispies on the side and shorter bangs in the center that drape as if they were curtains on your forehead. Creators on the platform have coined these bangs the most universal — really, just about anyone can pull them off if you find the right length for your face shape. 

5. Y2K Hairstyles 

If you need proof that trends are cyclical, look no further than Y2K beauty and fashion making a major comeback this year. The resurgence of 2000s trends made its way to hair too 一 think chunky highlights, butterfly clips and bubble ponytails. These hairstyles are fun, easy to achieve and totally customizable. 

6. Jumbo Box Braids 

Box braids have been a popular protective hairstyle for decades 一 but a chunkier version of the classic style has taken over TikTok. This style of braids gets its name from the square sections of hair that are sectioned off at the scalp and then woven into braids. The jumbo version uses larger sections of hair 一 and sometimes even weaves in fabric or extensions 一 to create a bolder, fuller style. 

7. Money Pieces 

Now we can’t forget to mention what was arguably the most popular hair color trend on TikTok over the last year. Money pieces 一 bold, bright face-framing pieces 一 have been adorned by influencers, celebrities and even one of our editors. If you’re looking to change up your hair color without committing to a completely new shade, give this hot trend a try. 

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo Credit: IG/