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7 Viral TikTok Hair Trends To Inspire Your Next Hair Transformation

Cuts, color, and styles 一 we’re sharing it all.

It’s no secret that TikTok has a major influence on our fashion choices, makeup styles, skin care routines, and more. It’s become a frequent source of aesthetic inspiration 一 and it’s safe to say that its impact on hair trends specifically over the last year has been tremendous. And if you’ve already started incorporating TikTok makeup and skin care trends into your beauty routine, it’s time to get acquainted with the popular haircut, style and color trends that can take your hairstyle up a notch. Seriously, these trends are a total mane-changer.

1. Velcro Roller Waves 

If you have damaged hair, then you can probably relate to desperately wanting to style your hair sans hot tools. TikTokers took to the platform to share the results they achieved using velcro rollers to create waves 一 yes, the same kind of rollers that have been popular for decades. If you’re looking to achieve a voluminous ‘90s blowout, or some gorgeous waves without heat, give this long-standing technique a go. 

2. Robe Curls 

Another heatless hairstyle technique that reached viral status on TikTok is bathrobe curls. This trend has people using robe belts or similar objects to wrap their hair around while it’s partially damp. You simply wrap small sections of damp hair around the belt, let them set for several hours, and then remove the tie to reveal curls. The results vary from loose waves to full, bouncy curls that require no heat.
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