Stand Up Against Street Harassment by L’Oréal Paris

  • 80%
    of women have have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces at least once in their lives.
  • 25%
    of them say someone helped.
  • 76%
    of people have already witnessed sexual harassment in public spaces.
  • 86%
    of people declare there is a lack of training on how to intervene when witnessing street harassment.

*Source: L’Oréal Paris x Ipsos studies, 2021 and 2023

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Street harassment is the number one issue faced by women and girls in the world.

Sexual harassment in public places is one of the most common forms of gender-based violence in the world. Every act of street harassment impacts women more than can be thought. It changes their behavior, it questions their confidence, it lowers their self-esteem. It makes them avoid certain places, rethink their appearance, and feel unsafe going out alone. With a significant impact on women's ability to organize their life, street harassment can lead to their invisibility in the society:

  • 1 woman out of 2 (49%) is turning down opportunities because of their fear of street harassment.
  • 1 woman out of 2 (41%) is missing on social events (going out in restaurants, bars, clubs, dating)
  • 1 woman out of 4 (24%) is declining job opportunities.
  • 1 woman out of 4 having less than 35 YO (23%) is declining school/university opportunities.

For more than half a century, L’Oréal Paris is empowering all women to feel stronger and more confident, breaking down barriers that prevent women from asserting their self-worth. Because street harassment goes against everything L’Oréal Paris stands for, the brand launched in 2020 a global program to fight against it : Stand Up against street harassment with two main ambitions : raise awareness about this global issue and teach people how to react when facing it.

L’Oréal Paris is committed to change everyone’s mind, to stand for an inclusive, fair, and respectful world where women are visible, powerful and decision makers. Because nothing should stand between a woman and her self-worth.

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Join the movement and get trained with our Stand Up against street harassment program

Stand Up against street harassment program was launched in 2020 with Right To Be, a global leader in the movement to end harassment. The training program is based on Right To Be’ 5Ds methodology: five simple and effective tools to help women and men safely intervene when they witness or experience street harassment.

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A global movement to end street harassment

To build this global movement, the program takes its training into the heart of local communities by partnering with local NGOs expert in gender-based violence, in each country. Since the launch of the program in 2020, more than 2.5 million people have been trained across 44 countries.

A study conducted by L’Oréal Paris with Ipsos in 2022 shows the concrete impact of the program. 97% of people surveyed say they feel more empowered on how to react when facing street harassment after taking the training.

With Stand Up against street harassment program, L’Oréal Paris gives every woman the power to take control of her life, to believe in herself, to take the place she deserves in society and to make a difference. Because nothing should stand between a woman and her self-worth.

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