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9 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2023, as Predicted by Pinterest

From Gemini hair color, to micro makeovers, think of 2023 beauty as the ultimate refresh.
December 21, 2022

If you’ve ever gone searching for hair color inspiration before your next salon appointment or natural makeup looks to upgrade your daily routine, chances are you found yourself down a Pinterest rabbithole. The visual inspiration platform has easily become one of the most popular social media destinations for scoping out the latest and greatest in all things beauty. 

With more than 400 million monthly visitors, it’s no wonder we look to the platform to inform what beauty trends we can expect to dominate our timelines. When it comes to the Pinterest Predicts Trend Report, there are always a number of standouts to note, especially as we enter the new year. To save you hours of endless scrolling, we’ve gone ahead and compiled that list for you. 

Take a look at nine pin-worthy beauty trends to keep on your radar for 2023, according to Pinterest.

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1. Gamer Girl Makeup

Gamer girl makeup (also known as alt makeup or e-girl makeup) is no stranger to viral, social media clout and it’s going to be at the top of makeup trends list in 2023. The gamer girl isn't afraid of color, sharp winged eyeliner or blush. The look has a bright, doe-eyed gaze, it’s playful but mixed with a hint of experimental, grungy and even moody vibes. 

For a gamer girl makeup look that would make TikTok proud, stock up on staples such as liquid eyeliner, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Grip Precision Felt Waterproof Eyeliner and liquid blush, like the L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Lip and Cheek Tint to layer with a powder blush.

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2. Micro Bangs

Micro bangs are small but mighty and expect that for hair trends across the (Pinterest) board as we enter 2023. Micro bangs are blunt bangs with a shorter length that hit around mid-forehead. They’re experimental, a bit edgy and often divisive —  most people either love them or hate them. Whether it’s with long layers, a short, curly bob or something equally as rebellious like the jellyfish haircut, the dramatic length instantly enhances your look and makes a serious statement.

3. 2000s Hair and Makeup

It may (almost) be 2023, but the 2000s are thriving and the decade’s trends aren’t slowing down. We love a little bit of nostalgia, whether it be served with our hair, our makeup and even our clothes. When it comes to hair, expect things like the spiky bun, antenna bangs and chunky highlights to remain a constant on your social media feeds. Along with that, expect short styles like the mushroom cut and the asymmetrical bob — combining both micro beauty and Y2K principles in one — to be on the rise. 

For a Y2K-approved makeup routine, keep your frosted eyeshadow on hand, try a skinny brow moment or go heavy with your eyeliner. If you’re opting for the latter, try the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Grip Mechanical Gel Eyeliner, which has a gel, waterproof formula and a built-in smudger to create dramatic eye looks.

4. Chopped Bob Haircut 

Following the idea of small but mighty with all things hair, the chopped bob comes just in time to start the new year on a fresh hair note. Long hair isn’t the only way to make a statement and a short bob is a perfect reset, especially if you're dealing with damage from hair color, bleach or heat styling. 

If you have thick hair, opt for a layered bob to give your short ‘do an effortless, lightweight style. If your hair is on the thin side, try a box bob because it will fake the appearance of denser strands while providing you with a face-framing, polished style.

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5. Rhinestone Makeup

While the beloved winged eyeliner and cat eye (and her little sister, kitten eyeliner) may always have a spot in your makeup repertoire, save room for rhinestone eye makeup in the new year. Rhinestone makeup definitely made a splash in 2022, especially on social media, and with the current reach of Y2K trends don’t expect a departure. 

Whether you choose to make it subtle with a couple of rhinestones or go with an over-the-top style like a crystal cat eye, this look is all about adding sparkly embellishments to your eyes. 

6. Short Braided Hairstyles 

Big beauty in small packages means shorter, daring styles and cuts. Short, braided hairstyles like the box braid bob or a reverse cornrow lob protect your strands, safely tucking away your hair without requiring you to sacrifice good looks. If you’ve been toying with the idea of a shorter ‘do, this is your sign to claim the look for the new year.

7. Gemini Hair Color

We know Geminis, we love them, but we can’t ever forget about their unapologetic dual personalities. Those dual personalities are making a rebellious impression on 2023 hair color trends dubbed Gemini hair color. Think of it as a non-traditional mix of multi-tonal hair colors like black and blue braids, brown and blue hair, lavender and blonde highlights and pink and brown balayage

It’s the perfect compromise of a natural and vibrant shade, allowing for freedom of expression with your hair color well beyond the conventional caramel and blonde varieties of highlights. To give Gemini hair color a spin — until your next wash — use the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color Spray to create ribbons of vivid color.

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8. Scalp Care

We saw an uptick in the importance of scalp care in 2022 and don’t expect that to decline in the new year. Paying proper attention to your scalp is so important because the condition of your scalp can have a huge impact on the health of your hair. Think scalp scrubs for dry patches and flakey scalps, scalp massages to boost hair growth and blood flow and scalp treatments to remove buildup and provide hydration.

Instead of thinking of scalp care as another step in your routine, shift it to a weekly practice of self-care. A scalp scrub or treatment on hair wash days is the start of an indulgent routine that puts you and your scalp first. After tending to your scalp, follow up with a caring hair system like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Hyaluron + Plump Hydrating Shampoo, Paraben-Free and the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Hyaluron Plump Hydrating Conditioner, Paraben-Free and an indulgent hair mask like the L'Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Signature Masque, Color Care Hair Mask.

9. Micro-French Nails

Much like the influx of short hair trends we’ve seen, short nails are finally getting the attention they deserve in 2023. Micro French nails are stealing the spotlight from longer acrylic and gel extension styles. As fierce as long nails can be, it’s tough to beat the ease and functionality of short, manicured nails. 

A short manicure with white French tips is as classic as the little black dress, so while this look is nothing new, expect it to be a constant in nail trends (and your social media feeds) for the new year. 

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