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How to Rock the Mushroom Brown Hair Color Trend

June 07, 2019

When it comes to hair color trends, hues are constantly changing. And we’re still seeing a whole lot of mushroom brown hair color selfies on our social media feeds. This earthy, cool-toned, ash brown shade is a gorgeous take on mushroom blonde hair and we can’t get enough of it. It’s a multi-dimensional color that will enhance your locks and give you various gray and brown undertones. If you’re interested in trying out this hue, keep reading to learn how to get a mushroom brown hair color at home, complete with product picks and tips to keep your color-treated hair healthy

What Is Mushroom Brown Hair?

When it comes to picturing mushroom brown hair, think of portobello mushrooms and you’ll have the right idea in mind. It’s a neutral hair color that involves several subtle shades of brown and gray—just like, you guessed it, a mushroom. To create this shade, a colorist will apply a series of lowlights and highlights on top of an ash brown base to create a multi-dimensional hue. The best part? The ashy undertones conceal grays like no other. So, if you’re looking to cover gray hair, mushroom brown is a good hair color to consider.

How To Get A Mushroom Brown Hair Color At Home

As with all highlighting techniques, it’s best to consult the help of a colorist to create an Instagram-worthy mushroom brown hair color. If you prefer a lighter hue, ask your stylist to create a light brown base and blend in tons of blonde highlights. If a deep mushroom shade is what you're after, ask your stylist to blend chocolate brown lowlights into your ash base.

If you plan on trying this hair color at home, use the L’Oréal Paris Haircolor Concierge to consult with an expert colorist, check out video tutorials, learn hair coloring tips, and more. Then get the look with one of our best mushroom brown hair dyes: the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Light Ash Brown, L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Mocha Ash Brown, or the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color in Dark Beige Blonde

When applying your color, make sure to follow all of the instructions included in your coloring kit. You can also check out our article, How To Color Your Hair At Home Featuring Excellence Creme, for a step-by-step video tutorial and play with the L’Oréal Paris Hair Color Virtual Try-On tool to see how each of these hues will look on your mane before you make the leap.   

After you’ve dyed your strands, you’ll likely want to style your hair to show off your new hue. Try embracing your natural texture by opting for heat-free protective hairstyles like braids. Apply a generous amount of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Volume Inject Mousse

throughout your lengths to add volume and texture to your mane. Then spritz on a bit of the L'Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray to keep your braids in place and give them a shiny finish. 

How To Care For Mushroom Brown Hair Color 

Color-treated hair requires special care. So be sure to switch out your regular hair care products for picks designed to maintain your new hue. 

1. Switch To A Color-Safe Shampoo And Conditioner

Make room in your shower for a new shampoo and conditioner. Reach for the L’Oréal Paris Everpure Sulfate Free Bond Strengthening Color Care Shampoo and the L’Oréal Paris Everpure Sulfate Free Bond Strengthening Color Care Conditioner. This system works to strengthen your mane from the inside by reinforcing weak hair bonds. Its formula also includes nourishing ingredients like aloe and sunflower seed oil, which helps leave the hair feeling soft and smooth. Follow up with a hair mask like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm in place of conditioner once or twice a week. It’s formulated to smooth and protect your hair color by deeply nourishing your strands. 

2. Apply Heat Protectant When Using Hot Tools 

When you expose your hair to heat without protection, it can lead to hair damage. Hot tools can dry out your strands, causing split ends and breakage. Fortunately, you can apply a heat protectant like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Spray Leave-In to shield your strands. It’s specially formulated to work with hot tools to protect against heat up to 450-degrees. 

3. Use A Hair Gloss

Enhance and prolong the life of your new hair color by adding the L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss One Step In-Shower Toning Gloss to your hair care routine. This at-home treatment works to brighten and tone your hair color while also deeply conditioning your strands. It’s formulated with a coconut oil-infused deep-conditioning base and can be used on all hair types and textures. While hair gloss is typically thought of as an in-salon treatment, this product can be used in just 15 minutes at home. There’s no mixing involved—just add it to your hair washing routine for enhanced color and to add a boost of shine to your strands. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of L'Oréal Paris


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