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hairstyle trends 21 '80s Hairstyles That Offer Major Nostalgia

There is no denying that hairstyle trends come and go. And while you may be thinking that modern hairstyles are where it’s at, there is a decade from the past that’s getting a lot of attention in the hair world. That’s right, retro hair looks are in style once again, with ‘80s hairstyles coming out on top. Sure, you’ve probably looked back at your parents’ hairstyles in horror, but it’d be smart to take a few pointers from them so you can rock a trendy ‘80s hair look. Of course, you don’t have to emulate the whole look, adding a subtle twist is a great way to spice up your style and make the look your own. Keep reading as we dive into 21 ‘80s hairstyles for women that will have you ready to whip out some hairspray.


You know that super stylish zigged-zagged wavy texture that you can’t get enough of? It’s actually a product of the retro era! That’s right, ‘80’s crimped hair is back and better than ever. A nice change of pace for those looking to take a break from their normal texture, this look provides your mane with an ultra-boost in volume for a look that will turn heads and have all eyes on you.


If there is one hairstyle that made quite the impression during the ‘80s, curly bangs easily take the top spot. A go-to style for natural and curly-haired gals, this hairstyle adds extra oomph to your strands for effortless movement. Typically worn in a half-up ‘do, feel free to follow the trend or mix it up for a great look either way.


Speaking of bang hairstyles, teased bangs were also a major ‘80s hair look. Donned by everyone from teenage girls to celebrities, this hairstyle is all about rocking teased strands layered with a strong-hold hairspray for a voluminous look. To try the trend, spritz the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST It High Lift Creation Spray onto your bangs for an instant lift, tease your hair, and you’re good to go.


Fancy a mane full of texture and body? You may want to serve up some hair nostalgia with a shag haircut. One of the most notable styles of the ‘80s, this haircut features choppy ends and layers for a style that easily takes things up a notch. Best of all, this look can be worn on almost every hair texture and length for a super flattering option.


There’s no question that the bowl cut is an ‘80s hairstyle that received a lot of attention. Featuring a uniform length all around, it was a staple for children. Nowadays, adults take inspiration from this cut when rocking blunt bobs.


If you’re game for making a stylish statement and keeping your strands off of your face, the side ponytail may be your perfect match! All you need to do is gather your strands on one side of your head and secure them with a hair tie. For an extra retro touch, add a few snap clips into the mix to channel your inner ‘80s baddie.


In case you haven’t noticed, ‘80s hair is all about showing off your personality. And the bubble ponytail tips the style scales. This trendy style consists of hair elastics wrapped around the length of your pony for an eye-catching look.


Can’t decide between wearing your hair up or down? The half-up ponytail makes your decision super easy. This ‘80s hairstyle allows you to show off your length and rock an updo, giving you the best of both worlds.


When all else fails, reach for a headband! A popular accessory during the ‘80s, headbands were worn with ponytails, bangs, or cascading strands for a practical and polished look.


If you love flowy strands, you may want to try feathered layers on for size. Known as one of the defining looks of the ‘80s, this hairstyle flaunts a middle part and curled layers for a look that’s equal parts glam and feminine.


Big 80’s hair on the brain? We can’t say that we blame you! You can never go wrong with a voluminous mane, and long, curly hair is a great place to start. Spice up your mane with the help of a curl mousse like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse. Scrunch an egg-sized amount through your strands and let them air dry. Once complete, add a touch of hairspray to keep your curls intact.


We couldn’t talk about our favorite ‘80s hairstyles without highlighting Jheri curls. Known as one of the most popular hairstyles for African-Americans, Jheri curls are a wavy hairstyle that uses a chemical treatment to give hair a looser curl pattern. An excellent alternative for those looking to improve the manageability of their curls, this hairstyle won’t disappoint.


Looking to give your natural strands a taste of ‘80s hairstyling? The tapered afro will liven up your strands. A variation of the '70s afro style, this look shapes your natural texture with pinned sides and a tapered cut for a structured look.


We all know that nothing changes up your hair like a haircut. And if you’re game for experimenting with shorter strands, an ‘80s asymmetrical cut will fall right in line. Sporting a deep side part, an asymmetrical cut gives one side of your hair a longer length than the other. Perfect for round face shapes, this look highlights your features and gives your face a slimmer look. What’s not to love?


Permed hair, aka a perm, was of the most iconic styles of the ‘80s. This hairstyling technique uses a chemical treatment to give straight strands curls or waves that last for months at a time. So, if you would prefer to skip curling your hair over and over, a hair perm may be your saving grace.


Looking to take your big ‘80s hair look to new heights? It’s time to turn your attention to teased hair. A fabulous option for those who love to rock long hair, this hairstyle gives your mane fullness and volume for a stunning finish. We also dig that it helps to add texture and body to thin hair types.


Dare to go bold? We say you should give the popular ‘80s mohawk hair look a go! The true definition of edgy, this hairstyle boasts shaved sides and has length at the top for a unique look. Be sure to add a spritz of hairspray to your strands to lock your style in place.


With bold looks in mind, it’s only right we put the mullet hairstyle on your radar. This ‘do flaunts short hair at the front and sides with longer strands at the back. Perfect for experimenting with various hair color trends, this look will make quite the impression.


If you prefer to keep things simple when it comes to your mane, the middle part will come right in handy. While this look was seen throughout the ‘70s, the trend carried over well into the ’80 with women parting their down the middle when wearing their hair pin-straight or in waves.


Quick and easy styles your forte? You may want to add hair bows to your hairstyling arsenal. The true epitome of minimal styling, this ‘80s hair accessory makes hairstyling oh so easy. You could wrap your bow around your ponytails or create a headband look; the choice is all up to you.


Want to add a little edge to your next hair look? Spiky hair may be just what you need. This ‘80s hair look serves up serious style in little to no time. To get the look, add a touch of hair gel like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel to your strands. Shape your strands upward, and you’re all set.

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