hairstyle trends 21 Gorgeous Haircuts That Flatter Wavy Hair

Amp up your wavy strands with the ultimate list of haircut inspo.

June 20, 2022
Haircuts For Wavy Hair

As the natural progression between straight hair and curly hair, wavy hair is the best of both worlds — offering texture, S-shaped waves and natural volume. The greatest way to own your gorgeous wavy strands is by embracing them with a good haircut. This goes for any hair type, but the right haircut can make a world of a difference when it comes to styling your hair. 

Whether it’s a layered look to remove some bulk or a choppy bob to show off your natural pattern, wavy hair is so versatile. Follow along as we share 21 haircuts for wavy hair that are perfect for adding extra oomph to your strands.

Are Layers Good for Wavy Hair?

Layers are a great way to remove weight and bulk from wavy hair while adding dimension. Does your air-dried, wavy hair resemble a triangle? If the answer is yes, you likely have thick, wavy hair and could really benefit by adding layers to remove some weight. 

If you’re looking to ease your way in, try out long layers and long face framing layers. A layered shag cut is another great way to remove weight while creating a textured, new shape.

Which Haircut Is Best for Wavy Hair?

With so many flattering haircuts for wavy hair, the power is in your hands so experiment and have some fun with it. From layered cuts to choppy bobs, there are so many great haircuts to discover for your wavy strands.

1. Asymmetrical Bob 

This super chic haircut plays with angles by flaunting strands that are longer on one side. An excellent way to veer away from the traditional bob, the asymmetrical bob is great for shaking up your look. All you need is a touch of curl mousse, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Volume Inject Mousse, to give your mane effortless body and movement that you’re sure to love.

2. Cheek-Length Bob

If you’re looking to sport a short hairstyle that will make a statement, this is the way to go. A cheek-length bob hits right above the jaw to really emphasize facial structure. Add wavy strands into the mix for a tousled masterpiece.

3. Long Bob

When in doubt, a lob is always a good choice. For medium-length strands, the long bob tops the list when it comes to flattering haircuts for wavy hair. Whether you go for a length above your shoulders, at shoulder level or just below, its effortless appearance and versatility makes it so appealing. 

4. Choppy Lob

Welcome texture with a choppy, long bob. It’s low-maintenance and perfect for embracing wavy hair texture and volume. If you’re game for adding even more dimension to your hair, consider adding some balayage for a sun-kissed look.

5. Blunt Bob With Baby Bangs

Itching to try something dramatic with your wavy strands? Look no further than the blunt bob with baby bangs. Wavy hair will complement the blunt bob with all over texture while the bold baby bangs complete the look.

6. Inverted Side Part Bob

An inverted bob features a short back and longer front pieces with stacked layers. Upgrade your inverted bob by abandoning a middle part (don’t be afraid Gen Z) and going for a chic side part bob. The side part does a great job at framing your face while the inverted cut shows off your gorgeous wavy texture. 

7. Pixie Cut

If you’re the kind of person that loves to experiment with short haircuts, it’s time to show the pixie cut some love. This cropped cut is super easy to style and even easier to maintain. Since this style is on the shorter side, it’s easy to show off your texture while keeping your strands out of your face. The bonus — it’s a great trick to make thin hair look thicker.

8. Tapered Pixie Cut

The tapered pixie cut is another incredibly neat and stylish haircut for wavy hair that’s sure to make you stand out. This short, fun haircut gives your strands body at the front and while gradually getting shorter at the back and sides for a trendy alternative to the traditional pixie. It’s also great for people with thin hair because it allows you to add volume at the top. 

9. Side-Swept Pixie

If you can’t get enough of pixie cuts, give your short locks a stylish upgrade with the side-swept pixie. This cut features face-framing bangs and is totally transformed by your wavy texture. It’s a great option for those who constantly find themselves pressed for time since styling is minimal. 

10. Bixie Cut

Think of the bixie cut as part pixie cut, part bob. It’s the best of both worlds because you get the low-maintenance of a pixie cut while adding the longer length of a bob. Wavy hair adds the perfect amount of oomph to this hybrid cut and it’s a great way to test out ultra-short strands.

11. Layered Shag Cut

The shag haircut is the perfect match if you love flaunting retro-inspired styles. This on-trend haircut offers tons of layers and texture for wavy hair while removing extra bulk and weight. A great way to leave blunt layers behind, this cut gives you free rein to play with length while complementing your face shape for a standout look. 

Editor’s tip: Apply a generous amount of the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Super Curls Cream Leave-In onto towel-dried hair, scrunch and allow your hair to air dry for loose, effortlessly wavy locks. 

12. U-Shaped Layers

Consider hopping on the layered haircut trend with U-shaped layers. This haircut is an excellent choice for those who prefer to rock subtler layers. As the name suggests, your strands will be cut into a “U” shape for soft, rounded layers throughout.

13. V-Cut Layers

If layers are your go-to, try out V-cut layers. Like the name suggests, these layers are cut into the shape of a “V,” giving your strands tons of movement while helping to reduce the bulkiness of thick, wavy hair. Caring for long hair is hard work so use this haircut to show off your impressive strands.

14. Feather Cut

Bold layers are always a fun way to play up your wavy hairstyle. Also popular during the disco decade, this style makes for major volume as it adds tons of layers that bring dimension and versatility to the hair. 

15. Long Layers

Now that you have layers on the brain, you can’t go wrong with classic, long layers. One of our favorite haircuts for wavy hair, this style will let you play with texture while showing off your cascading length. 

Editor's tip: When growing out long hair, keeping your ends healthy can be challenging. We recommend implementing a hydrating hair serum like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Frizz Killer Serum Leave-In to help repair damage.

16. Layered Lob

If you like low-maintenance hair, the layered lob reigns supreme. A classic long bob paired with layers does a fantastic job at highlighting wavy hair texture and creating a perfectly undone look. This effortless style is easy to maintain and it grows out beautifully. 

17. Angled Lob 

Cue the angled lob — this haircut is all about rocking shorter hair at the back and transitioning to gradually longer strands at the front. An angled lob is a bold choice and adding wavy hair into the mix is a great way to highlight this detailed ‘do. 

Editor’s tip: An angled lob is great for round-shaped faces because the variation in lengths works wonders to visually elongate your face.

18. Blunt Cut

This universally flattering haircut will keep the focus on your beautiful waves. Thick, wavy hair types may find a blunt cut to be shapeless and heavy but it’s a great option for thin, wavy hair. A simple hairstyle without any layers, the blunt cut serves as a fabulous, low-maintenance pick while keeping your strands full in appearance.

19. Brow-Skimming Bangs

Another great way to frame the face and bring attention to your eyes is to opt for a bob with bangs that skim the eyebrows. Since micro bangs can feel a bit harsh with certain cuts, this longer style is the perfect complement for wavy hair.

20. Curtain Bangs 

Curtain bangs are here to stay and they’re a great way to upgrade wavy haircuts. Unlike classic bangs, this trendy style parts your bangs right down the middle to beautifully frame your face. Whether you’re rocking a bob, lob or a layered mane, these bangs will serve as the perfect finishing touch to any haircut for wavy hair. Keep your style set in place with L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold, Light Hairspray Unscented.

21. Wispy Bangs

Like the look of bangs but unsure if you’re ready to commit? Meet wispy bangs — the far less intimidating version of traditional bangs thanks to their softer variation and face framing qualities. They’re a great complement to any hairstyle and they do a stellar job at highlighting your perfectly tousled wavy strands. 

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Edited by: Reece Andavolgyi, Photo Credit: Chaunte Vaughn