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How to Create the Perfect Winged Eyeliner for Each Eye Shape

Just a few necessary tweaks and your winged eyeliner will instantly look better.
December 14, 2022

Winged eyeliner is a beautiful complement to virtually any makeup look. Where it gets a little tricky is the application process, because contrary to belief, winged eyeliner is not one-size-fits-all. While the right eyeliner and a steady hand can make a big difference, it’s all about taking your unique eye shape into account. 

Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes is going to look different than winged eyeliner for monolids and once you embrace that, your eye makeup is going to look better and the application is going to be a lot easier. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your feline flick, check out our winged eyeliner tutorials for hooded eyes, almond eyes, round eyes, monolids and downturned eyes.
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How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes lack lid space thanks to an excess of skin above the brow bone. If your crease covers the majority of your lid when you look forward, then you have hooded eyes. This makes winged eyeliner a little bit harder for this eye shape to achieve because the liner can get caught in the extra skin on your lids, leading to smudging and misshapen wings. 

To avoid this, there are two ways to go about it. One is to avoid your hooded lids entirely by creating a wing in the outer corner that extends outwards in a straight line, similar to the siren eye makeup look. The other way is to create a batwing eyeliner shape so that when your eyes are open, the bat wing creates an optical illusion of a normal wing shape with your hooded lids.

Using the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Grip Precision Felt Waterproof Eyeliner, start at the inner corner of your eye and drag the liner across the upper lash line to create your wing of choice. If you’re creating batwing eyeliner, create the wing then build up the pointed wing shape. Remember to keep your line thin to avoid your hooded crease.
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How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are blessed with options when it comes to virtually any type of eye makeup look because they have the natural shape that many try to achieve with makeup. Starting in the inner corner of your eye, drag liquid liner, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner, across the upper lash line and follow your slanted eye shape. 

When you reach the outer corner, draw a wing that extends just past your crease, no further than the tail of your eyebrow. For a more dramatic look, thicken the wing with your liquid eyeliner.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Round Eyes

To give your round eyes a more lifted look, you want to create thin, elongating strokes with your eyeliner. Use a gel eyeliner you can smudge, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Grip Mechanical Gel Eyeliner, to create a wing straight across your upper lash line with a slightly upwards pull. Immediately after creating the wing, retrace it with the built-in smudger to soften the overall look.  

When you apply your mascara, concentrate it on the outer corners of your eyes to further enhance the lifted shape you created with eyeliner. Use a formula that offers volume and length, like the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Monolids 

Monolids don’t have a defined crease so when you create your wing, you want an ultra-fine line on the lashes and a thick, dramatic wing on the corner. It’s super important to use a liquid eyeliner with a precise felt tip, like the aforementioned L’Oréal Paris Infallible Grip Precision Felt Waterproof Eyeliner, to achieve this. 

Starting at the inner corner, create a line right on the base of your lashes with the apex of the felt tip. When you get to the outer corner, follow the shape of your eye and extend the wing upward, creating a thick and dramatic flick for definition. To elongate your eye, extend the wing a touch longer. If you want a bright, doe eyes makeup look, keep the wing short and chunky.

Editor’s tip: For a more dramatic wing, use a dark pencil eyeliner like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner to create a crease, shading in the lid and adding a thick wing on the outer corner. 

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How to Do Winged Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes

If the outer corners of your eyes slope downwards, towards your ears, then you have downturned eyes. But with just a subtle tweak to the placement of your eyeliner, you can give your gaze an instant upwards lift and shape. 

Starting at the outer corner, take a liquid eyeliner and draw a wing that points up towards the tail of your eyebrow. Then, continue the line across your upper lashes and when you get to the inner corner of your eye, create a mini wing that points slightly downwards. The combination of the inner and outer wings will elongate your eye shape, faking the illusion of almond-shaped eyes.

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Written by: Reece Andavolgyi, Photographer: Chaunte Vaughn, Art Director: Hannah Packer, Associate Creative Producer: Becca Solovay, Production Assistant: Jason Parigian, Digital Tech: Sam Kang, Photo Assistant: Hannah Lewis-Lopes, Makeup Artist: Jonet Williamson, Hair Stylist: Akihisa Yamaguchi, Wardrobe Stylist: Melina Kemph, Wardrobe Assistant: Kayla Martinez, Prop Stylist: Katrina Rozeville, Prop Assistant: Zach Molina, Model: Alexandra Cunningham

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