braid hairstyles How to Do Knotless Box Braids

The easy-to-follow tutorial you need.

July 15, 2022
Knotless Box Braids

Whether out of need or in an effort to improve our skills, we’ve learned to master so many protective hairstyles in the past few years. Fewer available trips to the salon had forced us to learn how to do many of the styles we love and once thought were too complex for us to execute. But one that still evades many is knotless box braids. 

This low-tension version of our beloved box braids may look easy to do, but takes some level of skill and know-how. If you haven’t quite perfected your knotless box braiding skill and you’ve made a resolution to grasp this style, take notes from this easy-to-follow tutorial. Grab your comb and your gel and get ready to enter hair braiding heaven.

What Is the Difference Between Box Braids and Knotless?

Knotless braids are just like your traditional three-strand box braids. They can be done in various sizes and lengths. The biggest difference is that knotless braids do not include the small knot that starts at the root of traditional box braids. Traditionally, this knot is used to attach braiding hair. 

With knotless braids, the hairstyle is created with a feed-in braid technique instead. This involves adding small amounts of braiding hair to your natural hair as you braid, making for a plait that sports a flatter appearance. As a result, your braids also aren’t as heavy on your scalp, which can help minimize the risk of hair breakage.