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15 Pop Art Nail Designs to Feed the Comic Book Nerd in All Of Us

This viral nail trend is straight from the pages of your favorite childhood cartoon strip.
January 20, 2023

Viral nail trends
come and go frequently.  Some are more subdued like milky nails while some are more colorful and outside-the-box like chrome nails. Pop art nails follow the outside-the-box variety and include a playful, animated design with sharp details and outlines to create a look that’s reminiscent of your favorite childhood comic book. They’re making the rounds on social media and we’re fans because this trend is completely customizable and totally unique.

If you have a penchant for viral, eye-catching nail art, consider this a contender for your next manicure. Ahead, check out 15 of our favorite pop art nail designs to give your manicure a cartoon-inspired twist.
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1. Pop Art French Tips

Pop art French tips are the perfect clash of trend and classic — the sharp black outlining and shadow work completely overhaul the timeless French mani with a playful, illustrated twist. 

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2. Pop Art Doodles

Use your nails as a canvas for some of your favorite doodles — pop art style, of course. Think hearts, drips, stars and smiley face designs to give your manicure an animated, 3D look that is representative of you.

3. Ombré Pop Art Nails

The ombré French manicure rose to fame on social media this past fall and we love the way it looks with pop art details. This design also combines two buzzy nail trends and it’s a great way to infuse different colors into your manicure. We recommend opting for a longer nail shape with the help of acrylics or gel extensions to best showcase the impressive gradient design.

4. Cat Eye Pop Art Nails

For those that love trendy nail art, why stop with just one trend when you can take on two? Cat eye nails are popular for their shimmery, velvet-looking texture which creates a gorgeous backdrop against the bold, matte outlining of pop art. The manicure combines a mix of colors, finishes and textures for a unique result.

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5. Matte Pop Art Nails

A matte topcoat is a great way to switch up your manicure because a shiny topcoat is the route most tend to go. With pop art in particular, the flat finish allows you to really focus on the intricate details of the design whether that be French tips, ombré color or hand-drawn designs like speech bubbles and doodles.

6. Pop Art Flames

Bring some heat to your nail design with pop art flames. It’s funky and edgy and the flames make a great addition to your overall design. Add them on every nail as an eye-catching statement or keep it to just one accent nail per hand..

7. Patchwork Pop Art Nails

Patchwork nail art worked into a French manicure creates a design that looks like it’s straight from the pages of a coloring book. Pick a few of your favorite colors to rework this pop art imagery to your liking and finish it off with a matte top coat to bring the look together.

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8. Tie-Dye Pop Art Nails

Embrace the pop art nail trend with a rainbow, tie-dye background. The bright colors are contained within the signature, pop art outlines to create a visually appealing design that showcases the funky and bold marbling of the vibrant colors.

9. Holiday-Themed Pop Art Nails

Pop art designs make for a great outlet for bringing holiday and themed nail art to fruition. For Valentine’s Day nail art, try a pink and black manicure with pop art hearts, French tips and rhinestones. For St. Patrick's Day nails, try a green design with pop art four-leaf clovers. 

10. Indie Pop Art Nails

Pop art nails are great for an indie manicure because cartoon-inspired designs can literally create a story on your nails. Go for a superhero theme with bold world bubbles or pick your own design with some of your favorite elements like hearts, sequins or cherries.

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11. Rainbow Pop Art Nails

Pop art outlines stand out on their own to make an eye-catching statement, but pair them with a different color on each nail for a seriously vibrant result. To maintain a cohesive color story, try ombré pop art nails, starting with the lightest color on your pinky, working towards your thumb, which will get the darkest shade. Finish off the manicure with the signature pop art outlining and faux shadows.

12. Comic Book Character Pop Art Nails

With a playful nod to your favorite childhood comic book character, take a little inspiration and infuse your nail design with their likeness. Whether it’s from your favorite TV show or comic book, the end result is nostalgic and bound to earn you tons of compliments from avid observers.

13. Glow-in-the-Dark Pop Art Nails

Glow up your manicure, literally, with glow-in-the-dark nail polish and comic book-inspired outlining. The bright colors complement the dynamic pop art aesthetic and the glowing finish provides a statement-making and unexpected twist.

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14. Milky Pop Art Nails

Pop art nails fall on the bolder side of nail trends but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a minimalist twist. Opt for a nude or milky base and ask your nail tech to include pop art outlines on top. It will give your neutral mani a unique take, while still keeping things subdued.

15. Wedding Pop Art Nails 

While we’re on the subject of simple manicures getting a pop art upgrade, giving your wedding mani a pop art twist is one you’re sure to never forget. Opt for neutral shades of beige, white and light pink and pair it with the signature pop art black line work and faux shadows.

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Photo Credit: IG @/jadenails.mi, Photo Design: Sarah Duviver

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