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15 Glitter Nail Designs That Have Us Swooning

This sparkly mani is making a strong case for itself this season.
September 07, 2022

Chrome manicures, rhinestone accents and glitter nail art are high-shine, demand your attention and prove that more is more in the best way possible. Every week, it seems like a new version of the sparkly manicure is making the rounds on social media, offering up major inspiration and reminding us to book a nail appointment, ASAP. As we get closer to the holiday season, glitter nail art deserves its time to shine (pun intended) because it’s the perfect way to make your manicure feel festive instantly. 

Contrary to what many believe, glitter is definitely for grown-ups and it can even serve as a chic neutral. In an effort to show just how versatile glitter can be, we’re sharing some of the best glitter nail art on social media. Scroll on as we share 15 gorgeous glitter nail designs to give your manicure a glow-up.

1. Korean Broken Glass Nails

Korean broken glass nails are not your average glitter manicure and naturally, they’re dazzling social media nail trends. The look typically includes the jelly base that is so synonymous with Korean nail art, a light topcoat of glitter and shimmering flakes of glitter or rhinestones that are placed on the tip of the nail to resemble pieces of shattered glass. 

The end result is gorgeous, shimmers in the light with an iridescent glow and really makes your nails look like mini pieces of art. Somehow, it’s not wildly in your face and the intricate design grows out well because it’s all done on a neutral base. 

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2. Glitter French Tips

Glitter is such a chic way to enhance the classic French mani. Depending on how much glitter you want, try skinny French tips for a more subtle look or chunky French tips for more sparkle. Since most of the nail is the base color, the glitter doesn’t feel overwhelming. As we approach the holiday season, it’s the most festive yet neutral manicure and makes glitter feel very grown up.  


3. Allover Glitter

The viral glazed donut nails that have taken over our social media feeds prove that glitter, shimmer and iridescent shine can be an everyday neutral. Whether it’s a short manicure or long, acrylic nails, a light layer of neutral glitter looks good on everyone and for any occasion. 

4. Glitter as a Base Coat

To subtly upgrade your manicure with sparkle, use a glitter polish as your base coat. Instead of a natural pink base for your French tips, try a neutral glitter base. Instead of a clear base for blooming nail art, try a clear glitter base. Using glitter in this way makes it very wearable while adding a new layer of texture and shine to your manicure.

5. Glitter Outline Designs

For barely-there glitter, take a shimmery, glitter polish and use it to outline your nail or to trace the shape of your French tips. Outlined designs serve as a more toned-down version of glitter nail art with the pretty, metallic pop that we all love to look at.

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6.  Reflective Glitter

Reflective glitter is such a fun look that goes a step above normal glitter polish. Reflective glitter shines and glows under the light and is truly a glitter lover’s dream. Use it to add designs to your manicure for a glowing pop or commit to allover glow with full reflective glitter nails.

7.  Glitter Half-Moon Nails

Half-moon nails give a nod to old Hollywood glamour. Sort of like a variation on the classic French manicure, the half-moon shape is a great way to add a pop of glitter or color to your nails in a chic and effortless fashion. The half-moon design flatters any nail shape or length and is the perfect way to keep your glitter manicure feeling timeless. In shades of white and cream, it could be the perfect wedding manicure.

8. Glitter Seashell Nails

We can’t seem to get away from the 3D nail trend and you won’t catch us complaining one bit. The latest variation is seashell-shaped nails that include shimmery tones, glitter top coats and rhinestone accents. It’s a great way to live out your mermaid fantasy and rock the glitter and 3D nail trends simultaneously. 

9. Glitter Swirls

This candy-inspired swirly design combines vibrant color and glitter to create the sweetest treat for your nails. Whether you commit to every nail or a few as an accent, the glittery swirls add an on-trend design that you won’t get sick of.

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10. Glitter Lipstick Nails

Fellow beauty lovers can dial up their manicures with glitter lipstick nails. As the name suggests, lipstick nails feature a slanted top shape that resembles a lipstick bullet. They’re already not your average nails and when they’re paired with glitter nail polish and designs, there is no doubting the eye-catching statement that they make.

11. Glitter Galaxy Nails

Dreamy and ethereal variations of nail art like wispy cloud designs or galaxy nails always need some type of glitter to finish off the look. Whether it’s a glittery base color or a more subtle yet chunky glitter top coat, it upgrades the entire look with a little texture that brings it all together.

12. Indie Glitter Nails

For days when you can’t decide on a certain color or design, go for an indie manicure and rock a different glittery design on every nail. It’s great for an indecisive mind, plus, it allows you to do glitter on your own terms and it ensures that no one else is going to have the same manicure as you. 

13. Cateye Glitter Polish

Cateye nail polish can definitely be thought of as grown-up glitter because it has a velvety-looking texture and a soft, shimmering glow. To get the look, a magnet is placed near the nail after the cateye polish is painted to manipulate the glitter, creating different shapes and starburst effects. Once the nail polish is cured under a UV light, the glitter settles and you’re left with a soft, shimmering design that doesn’t look like your average glitter polish.

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14. Glitter Zebra Print

A glittery, animal print manicure sounds a little gaudy but we promise that’s not the case. The trick is to paint the glittery zebra print over a nude base so the focus is on the texture. The glitter also does a good job at making the animal print more subtle and creates a festive, shimmery finish.

15. Glitter Heart Accents

Glittery hearts add a pop of romantic sparkle to your manicure and they do so without going overboard. If you’re getting French tips, you could place the glittery heart where the base color meets the French design or try a neutral base with a glittery heart placed in the middle. To easily get the look at home, opt for glittery nail stickers that you can place on your nails with tweezers.

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Written by: Reece Andavolgyi, Photo credit: Yaneli IG @/nailedbyyans

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