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12 Chic French Tip Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Gel Set

Try these unique takes on a classic mani.
January 26, 2022

We’re happy to admit that we love classic beauty looks like
red lipstick, smokey eyes and French manicures. But that’s not to say that putting a unique twist on a classic look isn’t a fun way to get creative. And if you’re a fan of French tips, but you’re looking to experiment with the simple nail design — especially after seeing leveled-up celeb versions, keep reading because we’re sharing 12 ways to sport a chic French manicure. 

1. Black French Tips 

If you like the simplicity of classic French tips, but white tips are too subtle for you, swap out white nail polish for black. Black tips to cap off nude nails make a statement while remaining simple and easy to achieve. 

2. Alternating Colors 

In keeping with simple designs, you can maintain a thin, classic French tip and kick it up a notch by playing with color. Grab a few of your favorite shades and alternate them on your fingers for a multicolor look that’s still understated. 

3. Outlined French Tips 

For design that strikes a balance between simple and intricate, try outlining your French tips. This works especially well for people with round or almond shaped nails because you can outline the tips in the shape of little half moons. 

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4. Tortoise Shell 

Tortoise shell print is extremely popular in fashion and in the world of nail art right now, and adorning the tips of your nails with the animal print is the perfect way to get in on the trend. 

5. Glitter Tips 

If you’re not afraid of some sparkle, try creating your next French manicure with glitter tips. Customize it to your preference by choosing your color of choice and layer on as much as you wan’t until you reach your desired impact. 

6. Gold Drips 

Give your mani a luxurious look by creating French tips in the form of gold drips. The metallic finish and unique tip shape make this design eye-catching 一 but the solid hue keeps it modest. 

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7. Daisy Designs 

Simple, easy to create florals are perfect for French tips 一 and daisies are just that. These mini flowers look whimsical and dainty when painted on the tips of the nails. 

8. Mini Hearts 

Hearts are well-adored when it comes to nail designs, and they look adorable when painted in a row at the top of your French tips. 

9. Mix And Match Tips 

If you’ve got a creative eye or perhaps a really skilled nail artist, you can’t go wrong by opting for mixed and matched designs (aka indie nails) for your next French manicure. This option is the ideal way to get innovative and show off your personality, especially if you already have trouble narrowing it down to just one or two designs every time you get in the salon chair. 

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10. French Tip Flames 

Flame nail designs have been incredibly hot lately 一 pun intended. When created over a neutral nail color at the tips of the nails, they create a fiery statement. 

11. Pearl Tips 

Pearl accents are incredibly popular in makeup, fashion and nails this year. One of the easiest ways to incorporate pearlcore into your mani is by placing the jewels at the tips of your nails to create 3D French tips. 

12. Matte Nails With Shiny Tips 

Opting for a matte finish is perhaps the easiest way to give your mani a little something different. Take it to the next level by getting a mani that combines finishes — matte as your base with shiny tips. 

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo Credit: IG/@nail.art.by.tea

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