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5 Tips to Make Your Press-On Nails Last for Weeks

Give your DIY press-on manicure the same staying power as a professional gel set.
December 12, 2022


When it comes to ‘90s beauty trends that have made a strong comeback recently, press-on nails are at the top of our list for mani must-haves. The easy-to-use DIY manicure staple not only saves money and time going to the salon, but it lets you customize your nail designs as often as you want.

But the one drawback to press-ons that we hear often is that they can be changed too easily — many find it hard to keep their press-on nails from popping off quickly after application. Well, that stops here, as we’re sharing five simple tips on how to make press on nails last longer.

How Do You Keep Press On Nails From Popping Off?

The key to making press-ons last like gel nails or an acrylic manicure is in the application process. Of course the quality of your adhesive is important, but there are other things you can also do to extend the life of your press-on nails. 

1. Clean Your Nail Beds With the Right Product

If you have oily nail beds then you know how important it is to clean them before getting a manicure — gel, traditional or otherwise — to avoid premature chipping. Before you start your press-on set, clean your nail beds and the base of the press on nails with acetone polish remover. This will help you remove excess oil from your nail and any leftover polish or gel residue you may have on your nails from a previous manicure. 

Just be careful when wiping the press-on with the remover, acetone is used to remove gel and other highly cross-linked varnishes. One light swipe inside the nail is all you need, and if you’re concerned about the quality of your press-on nails opt for non-acetone nail polish remover for this step.

2. Buff Your Nails Before Application

After you’ve fitted each nail and laid them out in front of you, take a glass nail file or a sanding block and give your natural nails a light buffing. Be gentle, the goal is just to create some texture for your nail adhesive or glue to stick to. This also helps you avoid air pockets that cause press-on nails to pop off quickly.


3. Double Glue Your Nails

You know how double cleansing your skin is beneficial to removing makeup and getting rid of impurities, dirt and pollution — this step is nothing like that in process, but it's just as beneficial when it comes to making your press-on set last. Add a thin layer of nail glue or adhesive to your natural nail and be sure to cover it completely. Then add a drop of nail glue to the inside base of the press-on, avoiding the free edge. The glue in the press-on will naturally be drawn to the glue on your nail and they’ll grab onto each other, adding an extra layer of bonding.

Make sure you coat the nails well to avoid air bubbles as they create pockets between your nail and the press-on. If air gets into the adhesive your nails may be popping off before the end of the day — and no one wants that after all their hard work.

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4. Apply Pressure for Ample Time

Simply placing the press-on nails onto your nails isn’t enough to get them to stay no matter what the packaging says. You have to apply pressure in the center of the nail for at least 10 seconds (on each nail) and pinch the sides while you do it to get the best possible nail bed fit. 

5. Cure Like a Gel Manicure

We understand that some press-on sets will come already painted and designed and need no extra work once you’ve applied them. If that’s the case then you’re all done. But if your nails need to be painted then this presents another opportunity to add some staying power to your press-on nails. 

After you’ve painted your nails with gel polish, cure them under a UV lamp. Cure each nail as you polish it, then cure the entire hand once you’ve completed all your nails. This will give your adhesive more hold, resulting in a press-on manicure that lasts just as long as your salon gel set. If you have a pack of pre-painted gel nails you may be able to cure those too, just check the packaging for warnings first.

When your press-ons are a week old, give them a light top coat to freshen up the color and keep them looking new.

Can You Put Gel Over Press On Nails?

Like we said above, if you’re using press-ons that need to be painted once applied it’s okay to put gel polish over them and cure them under a UV lamp. If you’re using pre-painted press-on nails, be careful as the gel could ruin your nails. Check with the brand before you cure pre-designed press-ons and if it won’t present an issue, cure away.

How Long Do Press On Nails Usually Last?

A set of press-on nails will typically last for about one week but if you follow the tips above and take care of your nails they could stay intact for two to three weeks (or until you remove them). If you want to remove press-on nails before they come off on their own, be sure to follow the proper steps like you would when removing gel nails or removing acrylic nails and follow up with hand care to keep your natural nails looking and feeling healthy.

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Photo Credit: Chaunte Vaughn

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