beauty trends 12 Valentine's Day Nail Ideas That’ll Give You Heart Eyes

Fall in love with these fun and flirty designs.

January 26, 2022
Valentines Day Nails

Valentine’s Day
is quickly approaching and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day than with your beauty look. While putting together a romantic (but intricate) pink eye makeup look or full face of glam may just be too much for you, festive nails make it easy to show your love for the day. 

We can’t think of a holiday more worthy of having a plethora of heart eye-inspiring nail art ideas to choose from. Aside from adorning your nails with a festive shade of polish, there are plenty of ways to get fancy with your Valentine nail designs, so you can show off something chic during your celebration. Below, we’ve rounded up the best of the best and are sharing 12 Valentine’s Day nails you’re sure to fall in love with.

Red French Tips

It’s no secret that the French manicure is having a moment with updated, modern twists. For French tips that’ll put you and your beloved in a state of euphoria, skip the marbled French mani and opt for a style with a neutral base and red tips. It’s pretty, bold and screams “Valentine’s Day”!


Red Negative Space Swirls

While we’re on the subject of red for Valentine’s Day, try the simple but always impactful negative space design in the color. If you’re opting for red lips, this is the perfect way to match your nails and makeup with small pops of the hue.

Sunset Nails

Landscape nail art is super on trend for 2022 and sunset nails are a charming way to try the look. With splashes of pink, purple, orange and more, it’s a colorful look that’s perfect for the day of love and takes you straight into spring and summer.


Pearlcore Nails

Another super trendy look, all over pearls make for an elegant and graceful nail art design. If you plan on wearing pearl earrings or indulging in some pearlcore fashion, your nails will ultimately complete the look.


Red roses for Valentine’s Day are fine, but why not switch it up this year? Let your love bring the crimson bouquet while you rock gold, silver, yellow or white roses on your nails. If you opt for white roses, try gel nails in black or another deep-hued base to really let the design stand out.


Rose Gold Foils

Perhaps roses aren’t for you, but who can say no to rose gold? The gorgeous metallic is the perfect way to tie together the typical pink or red color scheme of the day with a bold, trendy finish (we see you holographic nails). Try rose gold polish all over or top your base color with a rose gold foil for a unique accent nail.

Indie Love Nails

When you can’t decide which Valentine’s Day nail design you adore the most, don’t worry about being exclusive — choose them all! Indie nails let you sport several designs at the same time. You can keep it as subtle as possible by staying within the same color family, or go super daring and switch the design and color on each nail.


Editor’s tip: Have more than ten designs on the brain? That works too! Feel free to try two or more designs on one nail for a truly creative look.



There’s no way we’re going to talk about Valentine’s Day nail designs and not mention hearts. We love heart nail designs for any day of the week so they’re an absolute must for love day. Give it a cute spin and give your hearts a beat so that your valentine knows that they don’t just have your heart, but they make it sing — even if that person is you!

Calligraphy Love Notes

Remember those candy hearts that your valentine gave you back in your grade school days? The best part was really the cute little love notes written on them — let’s be honest, they were just cubes of sugar otherwise. Get giddy recreating those sweet musings on your manicure for Valentine nails that have something to say — literally.


Pink Big Cat Print

Nothing says confidence like big cat energy — we’re talking ferocious, sexy, and fierce. If that sounds exactly like the mood you want to simmer in then try these nails for the special day. Don’t be surprised if you’re getting attention from more than just your date.

Ribbon Nails

Even if this isn’t a holiday that you think warrants a gift exchange, you can still wrap up the celebration with a bow and try some ribbon nails. Give them a 3D effect using actual ribbon in the design or simply let a well-executed swirl pattern set onlookers' hearts ablaze.


Crystal Embellishments

For those that are all about that bling, crystal embellishments will take your V-Day nails to the next level. Try some precious stones on just an accent nail or spread them across your entire mani for a true eye-catching nail look.

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Written by: Shalwah Evans, Photo Credit: Nicola Jones, IG/@nicolarose_beauty