beauty trends 8 Chrome Nail Designs You’ll Want to Take to Your Nail Tech ASAP

This trend is giving your go-to summer mani a run for its money.

May 09, 2022
Chrome Nail Designs

From holographic nail designs to 3D nail art and so much more, there are endless possibilities when it comes to selecting a design for your next manicure. While springtime usually makes way for pastels and neon shades, there are no rules in beauty, making the current chrome nail trend perfect for your next set.

Considering how popular metallic makeup is right now, it’s not surprising that the nail design trend has made its way back into the rotation of our favorite manicures. On top of the mesmerizing shine that chrome nails boast, we love how versatile and flattering chrome nail art can be. So book your next appointment or get your nail kit out, and keep reading because ahead, we’re sharing eight of our favorite ways to try out the chrome nail trend. 

1. Chrome Double French Tips 

Double French tip nail designs have been gaining popularity, and when created in chrome, they look equal parts futuristic and classic. It’s a relatively simple design, and a great option if you’re not used to metallic nails and you want to gently dip your toes — or fingers — into the world of chrome. 

2. 3D Chrome 

Combine two major nail trends in one by opting for a 3D chrome nail set. Adding a 3D element to a chrome nail design creates more opportunity for light to scatter against the nail and create cool dimension. 

3. Multicolor Drip Chrome 

Chrome designs can be colorful, made evident by this satisfying melting design created with several chrome polishes in different colors. This is a great option if you want a totally custom set because you can choose your color combos and wing your melting shapes.

4. Pastel Chrome 

If you can't seem to let go of pastel nails, you don’t have to — even if you want to try out the chrome trend. Look for a nail polish with a metallic finish to it — not shimmer — to drape your nails in. The pastel chrome color can act as a base underneath a more intricate design, or you can keep it simple and let the solid color shine. This is also a great option if you’re looking for a chrome nail design for short nails as you don’t need much room to get the look. 

5. Chrome and Pearl Accents 

Pearl accents have been incredibly popular in fashion and makeup lately, and we absolutely love them for nail art, too. Opt for a chrome base color and top it off with pearl nail gems for a trendy, over-the-top (in the best way) manicure.

6. Chrome Smileys 

Any great nail set makes us happy, but perhaps none more than one featuring smiley faces. Give the traditional smiley an upgrade by creating it in chrome on top of a colorful base — we promise, it will give you something to smile about.

7. Chrome Jewels 

If a bold, dramatic manicure is your goal, you can’t go wrong with adding chrome jewel accents to your nails. You can combine them with any base color or design, and they’re bound to give you the statement set you’re after.

8. Chrome Doodles 

Sometimes, a nail art brush and some freedom in the hands of a talented nail artist makes for incredible results. If you or your nail tech has a steady hand, let your creativity run wild and freestyle some metallic doodles for the ultimate custom manicure. 

Editor’s tip: If you’re not that talented with the nail tools and still want to get the look, chrome nail stickers and a top coat may be all you need.

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo Credit: IG/@mannequin.hands