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Indie Nails Are Trending — Here's How To Rock Them For Every Season

It’s perfect for those who love to mix it up.

There will always be classic manicures and nail art designs that keep a special place in our hearts. But everyone loves an upgrade. Even the beloved French manicure has a new twist that feels more modern. And when the seasons change, some designs reign, like fruit in the summer, or snowflake designs in the winter, or smiley faces year-round. But what if you could wear all your favorite nail art designs at once? That’s exactly what indie nails lets you do. This nail trend that boasts a different design on each finger takes the mismatch nails game to another level. 

Two easy ways to pull off indie nails is to try a multicolored manicure with the same design on each finger, or to stick within the same color family while varying the design. It’s just such a fun way to play with your manicure and show off your creativity. So, we’re serving up a few ideas for how to sport indie nails each season. Remember, there’s no limit to what you can wear and when—that’s the beauty of art, whether it’s on your face or your fingers. 

How To Do Indie Nails For Summer

For the ultimate summertime vibes, or if you live in a place that’s warm year-round, try indie nails inspired by your surroundings—think blooming florals, rainbows, fresh fruit, palm trees or the beach. The mix of bright colors will come together to create a manicure that rivals the warmth of the sun—at least figuratively speaking!

How To Do Indie Nails For Fall

Many of us make a sharp turn to muted colors and deep shades when pumpkin spice latte season, aka autumn, rolls around. But you don’t have to give up your bright colors just because there are less hours of sunshine. Try indie nails in a combo of pop art designs (hello neon nails!) or create an homage to the characters from your favorite TV shows. After all, it’s the time of year when your favorite series come back for your binge-watching pleasure. 

How To Do Indie Nails For Winter

Classic black and white is always a great go-to combo for winter nail colors and indie nails allow you to upgrade the style with intricate designs. If you love winter for the holiday season it brings, you can also try some indie nails with the same sparkle and shine as gift-wrapping paper. 

How To Do Indie Nails For Spring

Spring tends to be the season that gets the most love—the weather gets warm, but not too warm, the days get longer and we start to shed the winter blues. Since you could essentially do indie nails in all of the above-mentioned designs, marrying them with a French tip is an easy way to pull it off without going overboard. Try them in pastel colors reminiscent of your childhood Easter eggs or make your spring nail set really festive with lots of bold colors. 

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Photo Credit: IG/@donna_cao

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