beauty trends The Best Winter Nails to Heat Up Your Timeline

These designs are fun, creative and perfect for the cold weather months.

November 07, 2022
Best Winter Nails


If you’re searching for a way to get creative with your look this winter, nail art is an easy way to express yourself. There’s nothing like having a beautiful set of polished nails to make you feel pampered. And if you're nail obsessed like us, you’ll fall in love with the latest nail trends

Don’t worry if you’re new to the at-home manicure game, with creative press-ons growing in popularity, indulging in fun nail art is as easy as popping them on with a little nail glue. Of course, anything that’s too intricate can serve as inspiration for your next salon appointment with a pro. In the meantime, check out these swanky nail trends we can’t wait to try this winter.

Pop Art Nails

Candy colors are a sure way to capture anyone’s attention and keep you in a bright mood no matter how dreary the winter days get, which is why pop art nails are so enticing this time of year. An added touch of black around the edges gives any design a fun, faux 3-D look. You can also try the trend in vampy and deeper hues when you want to match your winter wardrobe.

Black and White Graphic Nails

This classic combo is the perfect inspiration for anyone who doesn’t prefer flashy colors but still wants to have fun with their manicure. With graphic eyeliner and eyeshadow trends steadily staying on top from season to season, graphic nails are the perfect complement to these makeup looks. They’re also a great alternative if you love to indulge in graphic looks without putting them front and center.

Negative Space Nails 

Smiley faces, polka dots, and stripes are just a few of the charming designs you can marry with negative space. It’s a simple yet fun way to spruce up your nails and you can do it in any color scheme. The best part is that you don’t need the skills of a pro manicurist to get the look on your own. Do try this at home!

Indie Nails 

Indie nails, a.k.a. mismatched nails are one of the most popular trends right now. If you’re looking for a chic way to stand out, try alternating colors and designs at your next nail appointment. Give them a holiday theme, a seasonal theme or add a touch of something you want to manifest — like sunny days and flowers blooming.

Foil Nails 

“One of the easiest ways to have fun with nails this season is to use glitter as an accent nail or go all in and paint all ten nails” says manicurist and celebrity nail artist Mimi D. “If you’re feeling adventurous, try using foils. If you don’t have the special glue to apply foil, try using a sticky base coat or wait until your polish is 70 percent dry, press the foil on lightly and quickly remove. You can also try press-ons, which are easily removable and reusable if you take care of them.”

Matte Nails

Lipstick isn’t the only beauty must-have that can get a matte makeover during the winter — we love the finish for nails too. Giving your manicure a matte finish not only gives it a chic, sophisticated look, but it helps give your polish some staying power. 

Editor’s tip: If you want to get even more creative with your matte nails, try a two-tone or colorblock design that includes matte polish on one side and a shiny finish on the other.

Storybook Nails

Two things that often dominate our winter timelines are nods to the Christmas holiday season and all the new binge-worthy TV that premiers. If you’re especially excited about the latter you may also be the type to express that on your nails. Whether your go-to streaming service finally released your favorite childhood cartoon or you love the remake of a classic, show how you feel about it with some trendy nail art.

Snowflakes Nails

What better way to honor the wintry weather than with a snowflake manicure. Even if you’re sick of digging out your car, schlepping in your snow boots (especially after the snow gets dirty and mucky) or wearing layer upon layer to stay warm, you can still appreciate the pristine look of your mani. Add some dazzling white snowflakes to a deep, dark-colored base or mix it up and give your snow a unique hue.

Sweater Textures

Sweater weather is like pumpkin spice — those who love it can’t seem to get enough of it. So much so, it’s made sweater nails a staple as the colder weather months usher in. This year, we’re seeing more textures and patterns than just your average argyle. Try it in an atypical hue like neon green or pastel purple in a 3D design that gives your sweater nails a unique feel — literally.

Chrome French Tips

Chrome nails have made the ultimate comeback, climbing back to the top of the nail trends list in the past few months. Influencers and celebs alike have been jumping back on the chrome wagon, making it a hot nail choice for winter. And with French manicure nail designs always on trend with new twists added to the classic style, it only makes sense to combine the two to create luxe chrome French tips that also offer a holiday feel.

‘90s Throwback Nails

Similar to chrome nails, all things ‘90s are still going strong in the beauty space — and that extends to your fingers and toes too. We understand if you don’t find a fanny pack to be that functional or you don’t think you can pull off biking shorts. Get your fix of the decade with a nail set that exudes ‘90s flavor. With so many patterns to choose from you can stick to this trend through winter, straight into spring and summer.

Diamonds and Pearls

For the maximalist in you, opt for a manicure that is fitting for the holidays, for winter and for all things social media. This super-Instagramable set of nails includes pearlcore and crystals — two of the year’s hottest beauty embellishments. It can get quite flashy, so understand that this isn’t for the shy or timid. Be prepared for all the heart-eye emojis online and compliments IRL.

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Written by: Shalwah Evans, Photo: iStock