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7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Press-On Nails

Save time and money with these salon-inspired upgrades.
July 11, 2022

Press-on nails are the greatest quick, on-the-go, and money-saving beauty hack at your literal fingertips. In less than ten minutes, you can go from bare nails to a polished and fresh set on your own schedule — no hour-long salon visit (and price tag) required. 

As viral nail trends continue to liven up your social media feeds, take it as your cue to level up your press-on nails by customizing them. It’s easy and affordable. Keep reading for all our tips and tricks to transform your $7 press-on set into a salon-inspired masterpiece. 

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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Press-On Nails

The realm of creativity when it comes to press-on nail upgrades is endless — but adding rhinestones, glitter and neon colors are just a few options we can’t help but love. Keep reading to discover our list of salon-inspired hacks for your press-on nails.

Try Nail Appliqués

Rhinestones, pearls and other shapes of various nail appliqués are taking over social media trends and it’s hard not to fall in love. They offer high shine, 3D design and a detailed finish that instantly upgrades your manicure. The best part is nail appliques look super glamorous and luxe while proving easy to apply on your own. To apply nail appliques, grab your tweezers and the glue that comes with the press-on nails. Apply a dot of glue, wait until it’s tacky, then place the appliqué of choice on your nails for a sturdy hold.

Add Nail Stickers

Nail stickers offer the look of intricate designs with a much more user-friendly approach. Stars, hearts, flowers, smiley faces and butterflies are a few playful ideas that come to mind but there are lots of different options and combinations to play with to customize your nails. To apply stickers onto your nails, place them with tweezers and finish with a layer of top coat to keep them in place.  

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Use a Glitter Top Coat

Glitter or holographic top coats are a simple upgrade to press-on nails that make them look much more customized. Whether you add glitter to every nail, as an accent or to create French tips — its presence alone creates a salon-inspired touch. 

Color Your French Tips

Variations on French tip nails are hot at the moment and prove to be a great way to upgrade your press-on nails. Grab a neutral set and pick a pop of color or two (like neons or pastels) to paint French tips. The end result looks like a professional set of gels or acrylic nails and provides you with a trendy take on a classic manicure that is sure to earn you compliments.

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Mix and Match Sets

Always save the extra nails from your past sets because they’re perfect for pairing up to create an entirely new set. Indie manicures are super fun and with press-ons, they allow you to upgrade your nails without any extra effort. Not to mention, we love how money-saving and resourceful this hack is. Have fun and go for different colors, textures and designs to create your own fully custom manicure. 

Repaint Your Old Press-On Nails

Another reason to save your extra press-on nails is to easily repaint them and create an entirely new set. Painting press-on nails is really no different than a gel or acrylic manicure that you would get at a salon. Those leftover white press-on nails you recently rocked are the perfect canvas to become a bubble gum pink set for an effortless, romantic look.

Editor’s tip: If you want to get a really custom look, mix some nail polishes and add a marble design to your press-on nails. 

Paint a Design

Flowers, checkerboard print, stars — maybe even the whole galaxypainting designs is a great way to boost creativity with your press-on nails. Grab a thin nail brush and some nail polish and start to get creative. Don’t feel the need to make your nails match — as we said earlier, mixed design sets are a fun and unique way to show off some personality. Pairing your designs with another salon-inspired trend like rhinestones or pearls is a great way to complete the custom look.

Add Length

If short nails are your go-to, step outside of your comfort zone and go for a longer set. With a big variety of different shapes, including almond, coffin and square to name a few, it’s easy to find a new length that is still fit to your comfort and liking. Long nails on their own tend to look salon-professional and the larger surface area is great for adding designs.

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Written and photographed by: Reece Andavolgyi, Design by: Crystal Simone

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