beauty looks 5 Types Of Landscape Nails We’re Loving Right Now

Mountains, redwoods, lakes and more — these stunning designs have it all.

February 02, 2022
Landscape Nails

Dressing up your
manicure is an easy and low-commitment way to get into beauty trends. These days, we’ve been seeing a lot of landscape nails making their way onto our social media feeds — and we love it. Using a variety of colors on all different nail shapes, these fun and creative designs are festive and can change with the seasons. Want to get in on the trend? We thought you might. Check out five different ways to do landscape nails to make a statement with your next set of gels, acrylics or press on nails.

Winter Forest

It’s okay if you can’t see the forest for the trees with a design this pretty yet simple. Try a black and white color palette to truly capture that wintry feel with your forest nails. Whether we have six more weeks of cold weather or can feel spring right around the corner, your nails will continue to be a standout.

Indie Day to Night Landscapes 

When you’re staring out at the beauty of the ocean or the mountains, the day in, day out cycle can feel a lot less mundane. That may be why we equally love the look of these landscapes on a set of acrylics or gel nails. Try both in several colors on each nail to make it an indie nails theme.

Desert Nails

If you can’t make it to the desert this year, simply bring the desert to you — through your nail design! You can have the rustically charming look of cacti, sand and breathtaking sunsets at your fingertips, literally. The array of bright colors in these designs will easily take you from winter to spring to summer.

Aurora Nails

If you’re more intrigued by the lights than the land in your landscape nails, then aurora nails are the perfect pick for you. Inspired by the northern lights (formally known as the aurora borealis), this elegant design has an almost eerie feel to it. Using the vibrant colors of the starry lights, it combines dark trees and animal elements for a glam nail art look that you just can’t stop staring at — just like the natural occurrence that inspires it.


Not all landscape nails are filled with sequoias, mountains and sparkling waves — city folks have a very different view. If your land-meets-man elements are high rise buildings and extensive bridges, show it on your mani. You can even paint on the structures in a somewhat blurred pattern so that when you look at it from afar, it looks like an abstract design.

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Written by: Shalwah Evans, Photo Credit: IG/@claire.lapointe._