beauty trends 10 3D Nail Designs That You’ll Want to Wear Year-Round

We’re used to nails with length, but these sets are also serving depth.

March 11, 2022
3d Nail Designs


If you’re anything like us, you could spend hours endlessly scrolling through nail art on Instagram. From striking holographic designs to unique takes on the classic French manicure, the creations by talented nail artists never fail to inspire us. 

And the latest nail trend that has captured our attention is 3D designs. Classic polish is taking a backseat because these wild mani’s are taking over social media. Ahead, we’re sharing some of our favorite 3D nails to inspire your next set. 

1. Mirror Mirror 

If you’re looking for a statement bridal manicure, this is the one for you. The mirror-like shards beautifully catch the light and give the set a glamorous look while remaining completely neutral.

2. Gold Embellishments 

If you like a simple manicure but want to give it just a little something special, a minimalistic gold accent is the perfect way to do it. It’s also totally customizable, so you can add the accents to any mani you’re sporting. 

3. Pearlcore 

According to the Pinterest Predicts Trend Report, pearl accents are a major trend in fashion and beauty this year, and that holds true for nail art, too. Donning your nails with pearls is easy to do and makes for a simple statement. 

4. Cozy Sweater Texture

If you like the idea of a very subtle 3D accent, you’ll love these lightly textured nails. You can create the 3D look in whatever design you choose, and it will remain understated and chic.

5. Chain Accents

Jewelry for your nails? We’re in! Spice up your next manicure with dainty chain accents 一 it’s an ode to the goth era in a beautifully delicate way. 

6. Melting Metal

Dripping nail designs have been popular in recent years, and this 3D version takes it up a notch. The raised metallic drips are a glam take on an otherwise gory design. 

7. Bejeweled Tips 

French tips are a well-loved classic, and when created with gemstones they’re even better. You can mix and match your jewels to create your desired color story, and the 3D additions can be placed over any base color for a totally tailored look. 

8. 3D Animal Print

Animal print is arguably just as big in nail designs as it is in fashion right now. Put a fun twist on a common look by opting for your favorite animal print design 3D. 

9. Jelly Designs 

Chunky jelly designs are extremely popular in Japan, and they’re slowly making their way to the United States. If you’ve got a talented nail artist and a desire to try something really bold, get creative with your next mani and opt for a jelly set. 

10. Simple Florals 

Floral designs will always be in style, and they’re a great go-to when you want a simple look. You can apply a jewel accent to any floral manicure to give it a subtle, eye-catching element. 

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo Credit: IG/@heygreatnails