beauty trends 8 Desert Nail Designs to Feed Your Inner Cowgirl

The desert may be dry but these nails are dripping with flair.

March 07, 2022
Desert Nails


When it comes to trying out different beauty looks, fun nail art is an easy way to get in on the trends. As of late, we’re seeing a lot of galaxy nails, geode nail designs and landscape nails on our social media timelines. One of our favorite landscape nail designs is desert nails — equipped with cacti, sand, rattlesnakes and more. If your interest is piqued but you still need some inspo for your next mani appointment, check out eight desert nail designs we’re loving right now, below.  


1. Spring Desert Nails

Desert nails are perfect for anytime of year, but a desert nail design that has that ultra spring feeling is a reminder that warm weather is right around the corner. Add in a cheerful pop of color like yellow or orange and start to feel the warm weather vibes. Of course, the desert can get unbearably hot so keeping it on your nails (and not IRL) may be the safest bet. 

2. Floral Desert

Sure, the desert may remind you of animal skulls and flourishing cacti, but you can easily add some floral elements to bring in pretty and feminine details.   

3. Cowboys and Cowgirls

You can’t talk about desert nails without acknowledging the cowboys and cowgirls who command the space. Of course adding this design to a small space like a nail takes skill and patience, but it’s worth the result. 

4. Glitter Desert

Just because the desert is dry doesn’t mean your nails have to lack sparkle and shimmer. Try adding desert elements over glitter nail polish for a standout look that’s on-trend.  

5. Desert At Nightfall

We imagine that the desert at night could feel like a scary place — coyotes, hawks and snakes are nothing to play with. Luckily, the closest you may come to nighttime desert vibes is on your manicure. Have your tech add some mountains in the backdrop for extra allure. 

6. Simple Cactus

Not all desert nails need to include intricate designs. With just the right white nail polish and a green hue that you love, you can create a simple cactus nail art design right at home — no prior skills required.

7. Desert Sunset

Imagine the desert at sunset with the orange and red from the sky, the yellow glow of the sun and the colors it all casts on the sand. It’s a sight to see, just like these nails. Add a high-shine top coat to give it an extra glow.

8. Indie Desert Nails

Mix desert elements with abstract designs and other nail art for a gorgeous indie nails look that will have everyone talking. Whether your inspo comes from Santa Fe, Palm Springs or Las Vegas, the design will look stunning on a fresh manicure.

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Written by Shalwah Evans, Photo Credit: Aliena Aguilar, IG/@sodajerkstyling; Nails by: @jess.scott.designs