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7 Colorful Box Braids Ideas To Show Off Your Creative Side

It’s always a good time for a hair color upgrade.

Box braids are far from a hairstyle trend — they’re a beauty staple. With so many ways to wear them, the possibilities for a chic look are endless. And adding some color to the mix is an easy way to take your braided hairstyle to the next level. Box braids with color can easily make quite the style statement, even when you keep the rest of your look on the simple side. And with so many hair color trends to choose from, you’ll likely find the right shade to suit your taste. If you’re game for a new set of colorful box braids, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find seven ideas for box braids with color that might be your next hairstyle inspiration.

1. Copper Red

When it comes to hair color trends for the year, copper red is at the top of the list — and for good reason. This vibrant take on the metallic shade has a deeper scarlet hue that looks flattening on all skin tones. You can customize the color to look as shimmery or matte as you’d like — it all comes down to the hair that you use. Add gold beads to the ends of your braids for a sparkling metallic on metallic look.

2. Silver Blend

As hair color trends go, silver is showing no signs of going away anytime soon and we’re here for it. But if you’re not looking to make a permanent switch to silvery strands, colored box braids are a happy medium. Simply use silver-colored braiding hair to blend into your natural color and you’ll have a gorgeous, sterling ‘do.
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3. Platinum Money Piece

You don’t have to go with an all-over color to give your box braids a colorful pop. The money piece creates face framing highlights that add interest and dimension to your hairstyle. Go for a true standout icy shade like platinum blonde to match the cold season.

4. Electric Coral

This trendy take on the bright shade mimics the look of balayage highlights but with your braids. It’s easiest to do coral hair with knotless braids because the style uses the feed-in technique, so you can add your braiding hair as far down as you want the gradient to begin — you never have to color your actual hair. Otherwise, you’ll want to use pre-colored hair to get the look.

Editor’s Tip: You can also get to look using a temporary hair color spray, like the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color Spray in Coral Pink. Shake the can well, hold it approximately four to six inches away from dry hair, and spritz little by little until you get your desired look.

5. Chocolate Cherry

If you already have dark brown tresses, you may want to stay in the brunette family with an understated color change — and chocolate cherry red is the perfect way to go. The shade offers a sanguine tint to deep brown strands. Perhaps this should be the next take on expensive brunette — but without a hefty price tag to execute.

6. Gold

What better color to adorn your crown with than a rich gold? Perfect for all seasons and forever on trend, this metallic shade is beautiful for micro-braids, jumbo box braids, and everything in between.

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7. Midnight Blue

We love a good midnight blue hair color because it offers depth and dimension in such an inconspicuous way. At times the shade can look like off black, but once the hair moves you see the hints of blue shine through as light hits it at different angles. Incorporate midnight blue braids in random spots or give your entire mane a bewitching color upgrade. 

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Written by: Shalwah Evans, Photo Credit: Nkisu Machona, IG/@nkisu_truffles

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