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The Best Hair Bond Builder Products to Strengthen Strands

You’ll want to add the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Bond System to your cart ASAP.
August 21, 2023

A healthy mane is one of the ultimate hair goals for most people that have hair. When hair is healthy, curls and coils are more defined, hair is breakage free and straight hair has an envious stunning shine. All hair types can experience these signs of healthy hair, but not without the proper care. And no matter how many trendy balayage or silk presses you get, you’re still going to want shiny, healthy hair without ruining your natural hair pattern. That’s why the right hair care products and regimen are vital to upkeeping your mane, no matter the damage you intentionally or unintentionally put it through.

You don’t have to stop getting that blonde refresh or chemical straightener if it’s part of your everyday hairstyle. Instead, consider adding hair bond builders to your routine to help repair hair at its core and on the surface. Bond-building hair products are a savior to damaged, dry hair and even (seemingly) healthy hair that needs a refresh. Thankfully, it’s easy to use a bond strengthener and here, we’re laying out all the details you need to reap the benefits of this hair care treatment.

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What Are Bond Builders for Hair?

A bond builder is a powerful hair ingredient that repairs the hair's damaged cuticle by introducing a high-protein formula to the individual strands. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information bond-building products mimic keratin, the same ingredient that makes up hair, to mend the strand on a structural level — as opposed to just the surface.

Think about your regular hair care regimen. You probably have moisturizing and hydrating hair care products to combat frizz, breakage and other signs of hair damage. As great as these products are, you’ll want to add protein-rich hair treatments that penetrate the strand and help restore from within, while moisturizing products nourish on the outside. While you can absolutely use a special hair treatment you can also introduce bond-builders into your mane via everyday hair care products like bond-building shampoo and conditioners.  

How Do Bond Builders for Hair Work?

All of the work of a bond builder is happening on a molecular level to restructure damaged keratin from too much hair bleaching, heat styling and other damaging hair habits. When you apply a bonding product like the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Bond Repair Shampoo with Citric Acid or L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Bond Repair Conditioner with Citric Acid, you’re coating tresses with nutrients that target the damaged hair internally. Per a 2018 study published by the NCBI, damaged curly hair, and chemically bleached hair showed improvement in shape and strength after using a bond-building keratin hair product.

When using the complete L’Oréal Paris Bond Repair system (including the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Bond Strengthening Pre-Shampoo Treatment) hair looks and feels healthier in just one use. This bond-strengthening system targets weak hair internally and externally to smooth it and reduce breakage.

Who Should Use Bond Strengtheners?

Anyone who has hair can benefit from using bond strengtheners and all hair types — from kinky 4C hair to pin-straight highlighted hair — can use them. Since the result of using bond-builders is stronger and healthier hair, it’s a powerful ingredient that all should consider using. Those with damaged hair need to add bond strengtheners to a hair care regimen. If you’ve ever bleached or colored your hair, used heating tools like blow dryers and hair straighteners, or had a chemical treatment of any sort on your hair, then it’s damaged. 

It may not look like or feel like it, but beneath the superficial surface of the hair is a weakened strand that needs protein to protect itself. Those with hair types prone to dryness and breakage — like curly hair per the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) — will see the most results when using a bond strengthener since the hair needs more repairing. You should use a bond strengthener if your moisturizing hair care products aren’t helping your hair anymore. This is a sign that your strands need to be cared for internally to promote stronger, less brittle hair. 

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5 Benefits of Using Hair Bond Builders

1. Reduces Hair Breakage 

Protein from bond-building products absorbs into the strand that targets damage like hair breakage. Hair breakage is a result of dry, brittle hair that leads to split ends and choppy strands. If you already have your hair regimen set, consider adding the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Bond Strengthening Pre-Shampoo Treatment to your in-shower routine. 

The infused citric acid and bond repair technology penetrate inside the hair cortex to rebuild weak bonds, resulting in reduced breakage. Per the NCBI, citric acid is a beneficial ingredient to bond-strengthening products as it balances the pH of the hair, which is key to reducing damaged strands. 

2. Better Moisture Retention

Damaged hair is lacking moisture and one way to remedy this is by adding hydrating products to your hair. These products help your hair on the surface, but internally it’s still lacking. That’s where a bond builder comes in. 

Bond-building products help replenish hair with the nutrients it needs to combat weakness. When you use a hair-bonding product, you’re sealing in the moisture of your other products while protecting your hair from moisture loss. Use a hair bonding treatment alongside a moisturizing hair product (like a leave-in cream or hair mask) to add hydration and seal all the ingredients in on the exterior of the strand and internally. 


3. Extra Shine

Healthy hair doesn’t always mean shiny hair, but it is an added benefit that many people want. With that in mind, dull hair can be a sign of damage as your hair looks lifeless when it doesn’t have enough hydration and nutrients. You can target lackluster hair with a bond-building product that’ll repair strands and add shine. We recommend the complete L’Oréal Paris EverPure Bond Repair system, but if you’re looking to only introduce one product try the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Bond Repair Conditioner with Citric Acid. This conditioner will reinforce weak bonds and intensely hydrate the hair fiber, leaving strands soft and smooth for the appearance of shinier hair. 


4. Healthier and Stronger Hair

If you’re looking to achieve long, lustrous tresses you’re going to need bond-strengthening products. Simply put, healthy hair will grow longer since it’s not constantly breaking, and one way to maintain healthy hair is by repairing bonds that get damaged from over-processing hair. It’s very easy to damage hair even if you stay away from heat and chemical treatments. Things like brushing your hair too hard, over-shampooing and drying hair with a rough towel can all contribute to damaged hair which inhibits growth, according to the AAD. Keep your hair healthy and in a condition to grow by adding a bond-building product to promote hair growth. 


5. You Can Save Money 

Taking care of your hair should be part of your overall wellness, not just for the health of your hair but for the benefit of your wallet. When using a hair bond builder at home you can limit the need to go to the salon to fix any serious hair damage with salon-grade protein treatments and constant haircuts. Additionally, hair bond builders can be used at home without the need to pay for high-priced treatments. 

For the ultimate bonding regimen, try the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Bond Repair Shampoo with Citric Acid, L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Bond Repair Conditioner with Citric Acid and L’Oréal Paris EverPure Bond Strengthening Pre-Shampoo Treatment.

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