all hair types How Long Does It Take for Hair to Grow?

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June 17, 2022
How Fast Does Hair Grow In A Month

If you’re trying to grow out your hair, you might be wondering how fast hair typically grows. We’ve been there 一 questioning whether our hair will ever grow out after experiencing a bad haircut or getting tired of sporting short hair. It’s easy to become impatient with the idea of waiting months for your strands to grow — often leading to an endless search for ways to grow your hair faster

Even though it can feel like hair purgatory, there are some ways to accelerate your growth. We’re sharing what to know about hair growth, how much additional length you should see per month, and tips on how to upgrade your hair care routine to take the guesswork out of your hair growth journey. 

How Long Does Hair Grow in a Month? 

Believe it or not, hair grows relatively fast. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the hair on your head grows about six inches a year, meaning each month your hair grows approximately half an inch. Of course, this is an average and everyone will differ slightly. 

Remember that what the growth looks like is dependent on your hair type. If you have curly hair, half an inch of growth will likely be much less noticeable than half an inch of growth on straight hair due to its texture. But curl or no curl, the average is the same.