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20 Fall Nail Trends to Make Your Mani Next-Level

From our favorite vampy red shades, chrome nails, 3D art and so much more.
August 03, 2022

When your mind thinks of fall manicures, it's easy to picture darker, vampy shades because the color palette for fall manicures is always something to look forward to each season. But, with social media constantly highlighting different nail trends there are so many more options for fall than just our beloved vampy shades and we can’t help but be on board. Whether it’s chrome nails, jelly colors, blooming art or monogram accents, fall nail trends are here and they are ready to make a bold statement. Keep reading to see our list of fall 2022 nail trends to make your manicure next-level.

1. Vampy Red Nails

No list of fall manicure inspiration is complete without vampy, deep red or oxblood nails. This hue just screams fall and it looks good on short nails, almond nails and long coffin nails, alike. Deciding on a color at the salon can be unexpectedly difficult and a vampy red hue makes it easy and it always looks good. It’s a fall staple for a reason and we’re guilty of rocking this rich shade a few times throughout the season.

2. Airbrush Nails

Airbrush nail art is dazzling our social media feeds and there’s no doubt that this trend is going to be a hit this fall and throughout the winter. This technique uses an airbrush and often, stencils to create different shapes, washes of color and diffused designs to adorn your nail beds. The options are endless and the soft, airy designs that nod to the ‘90s have definitely captured our attention today.

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3. Milky Nails

Milky nails reign supreme on social media and they aren’t going anywhere for fall. We can’t complain because whether you’ve just left the salon or had them on for three weeks, the pale tones make them look fresh, clean and well-kept. While vampy tones tend to be a hit for fall, milky nails, especially with an almond shape, are always natural and timeless.

4. Aura Nails

Similar to airbrush nails, aura nails feature different colors, gradient circles and diffused textures to mimic the colors of your aura reading or energetic force that we all emit. This nail trend is totally personalized and we welcome all of the good vibes that it brings.

5. Rich Colors

Fall and changing leaves are a quintessential duo. Second to vampy red, think of all the colors of changing leaves — shades of burnt orange, golden yellow and even hunter green. They’re all rich tones that remind us of fall and they look especially great on, a short manicure. Add a glossy top coat and it’s tough to beat this picture-perfect, fall manicure.

6. 3D Nails

Whether it’s pearls, water bubbles or sculpting gel, the more texture your nails have, the better. Many different versions of 3D nails are gracing your social media feeds and while they’re a little outside of the box, it’s hard not to fall in love with them the more you see them. Something like a piece of lint or smudge that could ruin your manicure is now being embraced by way of 3D art that feels rippled to the touch. The nice thing about this trend is that the colors, shapes and textures can be customized to fit any season and most importantly, your preference.

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7. Long, Skinny Nails

Long, skinny nails are in for fall, specifically skinny, coffin and sharp, stiletto nails. This new trend is just a slight deviation from the almond nail shape that has been all over nail trends this past spring and summer. If you don’t have naturally long nails, acrylic nails or gel extensions are a great way to rock long nails and the nice thing is, skinny coffin and stiletto nails do wonders for elongating your fingers and complementing your hands. They’re the perfect canvas for any color or design and they look fabulous with a milky hue or chrome finish.

8. Chrome Nails

Chrome nails are not a new trend but the latest variation has made waves on social media and you can spot this trend on celebrities, models and influencers. This most recent take includes pale polish with a thin layer of chrome powder, (or shimmery top coat) making it a fun upgrade for milky nails with the same fresh and clean look, only shinier (and perfect for wedding nails). The chrome finish adds a gorgeous, light-reflecting shine to your nails while letting everyone know that you have a pulse on the latest trends. 

If milky nails are too simple for you, this chrome version that rivals a glazed donut is perfection. We’re seeing chrome powder on milky nails, pastels, French tips and swirly nail art so we know chrome is here to stay and we’re excited to see how the trend will evolve next.

9. Cold Brew Nails

Another rich, fall tone to add to the mix is cold brew nails that match your morning caffeine fix. Not to be confused with cold brew hair, cold brew nails are a new variation of this rich, java-inspired tone making its way into your beauty routine. If you’re craving a lighter look, opt for café au lait nails, instead.

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10. Jelly Nails

The popular Korean beauty trend, jelly nails have a translucent appearance that makes your nails look sheerer, softer and even dessert-like. Whether you opt for jelly polish formulations or simply, just mix some top coat with your nail color, your nails will have a juicy and sweet  upgrade. 

11. Dark French Tips

Fall is a great season to switch out your classic, white French tip nails for darker hues.  Traditional French tips are a classic, but switching to a rich, jewel-tone color on your base or at your tip (or both) is a great way to give this classic manicure a fall-inspired twist.

12. Disco Ball Nails

Upgrade your manicure and go for sequin-encrusted, disco ball nails. This light-catching design will sparkle and shine as you collect compliments from doting observers. If you want a fall manicure that’s going to upstage every other fall manicure, disco is the way to go.

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13. Allover Crystals

Maximalists will love this fall nail trend that is dripping in crystals. The 3D texture allows you to rock multiple trends at once and the sparkle is next-level. They may not be for the shy or the minimalist but they make a gorgeous, eye-catching statement that you just can’t ignore. They’re the perfect nails to celebrate a fall birthday or special occasion.

14. Spooky Nail Art 

With fall and Halloween coinciding, spooky, Halloween-inspired nail art is festive, edgy and perfect for this time of year. Think ghosts, blood drips, skulls and other frightening, hand-painted designs. Make your nail appointment for the beginning of October so you can rep the festive design all month long.

15. Monogram Nails

Whether it’s for you or your loved ones, monogrammed nails are a great way to show that you care. Choose a solid base color and grab a thin brush to create a cursive customization or grab tiny, letter nail stickers and place them on your nails before you apply the top coat.

16. Blooming Nail Art

Blooming gel refers to a base layer of polish that is applied onto nails, left uncured or wet and followed up with dots of colored polish to create art that spreads and blossoms. It’s quite literally blooming nail art. 

Similar to snake print nails, this trend is merging into elaborate designs with floral shapes and abstract prints. Each design is uniquely its own and the tie-dye-inspired finished results are such a treat. Make it even more fall-friendly with rich shades of browns, dark reds and burnt oranges. 

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17. Angel Number Nails

Angel numbers are repeating numbers that typically represent a sign or good omen from guardian angels. Like the aura nails we previously mentioned, use this trend to let all the good vibes come your way. Whether it's 1111 or 444, add one of these special sequences to your nails for a personalized, heavenly look.

18. Charcoal Gray Nails

Darker tones for fall are no surprise but abandoning summer pastels and bright colors for ultra-dark shades just may not be your thing. Charcoal gray is a great transition shade because you still get the depth of a deeper shade but it’s not as harsh as black or navy. Plus, with so many shades of gray, everyone can find one they love.

19. Cat Eye Nails

Cat eye nails have a glittery, velvety finish that reflects the light to offer an illusion design. Right after your nails are painted, a magnet is placed near the nail to manipulate the glitter in different directions, creating designs or starbursts that mimic a cat eye. 

Editor’s tip: Paint a layer of black nail polish before you paint the cat eye polish to make the glitter designs pop.

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20. Seashell Nails

Following the path of the trending 3D and chrome nails, seashell nails are the latest variation of the two featuring sculpted ridges and iridescent shades to mimic a seashell. Mermaid-inspired beauty always feels like a playful, fantasy and seashell nails are no different.

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Written by: Reece Andavolgy, Photo by: Shelley IG @/ nailed_by_shelley, Design by: Crystal Simone

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