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12 Black French Tip Nails for an Edgy Manicure

Think of it as a modern twist with results that are bound to bring compliments.

July 19, 2023
Black French Tip Nails

The hardest part of getting a new manicure is deciding on the color and the nail art. When you can’t make a decision, the classic French manicure is always a good choice, plus you can switch out the colors to create your own unique design. The timeless French mani gets an edgy makeover when the synonymous white arches are switched out for stark black. It provides a edgy, modern look, and it serves as the perfect backdrop for different nail art, like chrome accents, swirls, floral designs and more. 

We combed social media for the best black French manicure inspo, so read on for 12 variations on black French tip nails to consider for your next manicure. 

Are Black French Tip Nails in Style?

Black French tip nails provide a modern makeover for the white French manicure many of us know and love. Whether it’s on its own or with some trendy nail art like swirls, aura designs or rhinestones, the inky black color makes for a major statement. 

12 Black French Tip Nails and Designs to Save for Your Next Nail Appointment 

Here are 12 black French tips nails to consider for your upcoming nail salon visit. 

1. Butterfly Black Frenchies

Black doesn’t have to feel harsh and edgy when you pair it with a whimsical butterfly wing design, V French tips, glitter and rhinestones. Due to the intricate nature of this design, it’s best to go with a longer shape, like square, almond or coffin gel extensions or acrylic nails
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2. Black French Tip Coffin Nails

Coffin nails taper slightly inward at the tip of the nail. The slender shape elongates your hands and fingers, and it makes a great canvas for all types of nail art, black French tip nails included. 

3. Mermaidcore Black Shell Tips

Lean into the mermaidcore trend with this black seashell design that covers the tips of your nail just like a white half moon would.

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4. Almond Black French Tips With a White Base

Black and white make for the chicest color story so why not use the two shades for your French manicure? Opt for a milky white base and add a thin French design at the tip of your nails in glossy black or glittery black. 

5. Black Glitter French Tips

If you want your manicure to feel extra glam, a little glitter never hurts. A glittery black French design pairs perfectly with this long, square nail shape. 

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6. Micro French Tips in Black

As the name suggests, micro French is a tiny line of color at the tip of your nail. It’s a trendy and minimal version of the classic French manicure, and it looks good on short nails. Plus, it does wonders to conceal grow out because of the nail polish placement.

7. Inky French Florals 

Lighten up your black French tip nail art with white daisies and rhinestones. The juxtaposition of the thick black tips and the airy white design really pops. 

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8. Almond-Shaped Double Black French Tips

The rounded shape of almond nails creates an ideal canvas for creative French tips. Instead of one black arch, add two; a thick one and a thinner one to create a sleek, negative space design. 

9. French Tips and Gold Half Moons

This regal black and gold design includes black French tips and gold, glittery half-moons. The result is a bit minimal while still packing glam and versatility. Whether you rock this design on long nail extensions or short natural nails, it’s bound to bring compliments. 

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10. Negative Space French Tips

Use black nail polish and a thin brush to create the outline of a French arch on your nail, but don’t fill in the center part. If black nail polish feels daunting, this is a great way to test it out in a more subtle way.  

11. Starry French Tips 

Draw stars on your black Frenchies for a gothic and ethereal design that looks like a modern version of galaxy nails. Adding a few rhinestones never hurts, either.

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12. Matte Black French Tip Swirls

French tips and swirly nail art are such an underrated couple. Give this nail design a modern twist with a matte top coat and a nail extension for some added length.

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Photo Credit: IG/@beautybykeirax, Photo Design: Sarah Duvivier

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