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2 Ways to Master the Double Winged Eyeliner Look

We’re breaking it down into simple steps.
March 18, 2022

If you believe that two is better than one, then this is the makeup trend for you. Double winged eyeliner features — you guessed it — two wings instead of just one. This intricate eye makeup look has been gaining popularity as of late and we have a feeling it will stick around for a while. 

Like with most makeup trends, there are several ways to approach it — and makeup artists and influencers have been putting their personal touches on the well-loved style. But if free-handing it sounds intimidating to you don’t worry, because we’re sharing a breakdown on how to get two of the most popular iterations of the look. 


Straight Double Wings 

Perhaps the simplest way to achieve double winged eyeliner is by opting for this straightforward approach. Keep reading for our steps on how to get the look. 

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1. Prime Your Eyelids 

While liquid eyeliner is easier to apply over bare lids, eyeliner pencils provide more pigmentation when they have something to stick to. So for this look, prime your eyes with an eyeshadow primer or blend a light layer of concealer over your lids and where the eyeliner will be applied. 


2. Create Your First Wing 

Using an eyeliner pencil, like the L’Oréal Paris Le Liner Signature Easy-Glide Mechanical Eyeliner, Waterproof, to achieve a soft look, line your upper lash line and drag it towards your temples at the outer corners to create your wing. 

To create a sharp tip, use an angled eyeliner brush to pull the product outwards at the end of the wings. You can also sharpen your wing with a cotton swab and a bit of makeup remover. 


3. Create Your Second Wing

Using the same eyeliner pencil or one in a different shade for a unique touch, start at the outer corner of your lower lash line and create a line parallel to the first wing, leaving a bit of space in between them. The negative space helps to make the eyes appear more awake. 

Drag the second wing out just slightly farther than the one above it to create an ultra-lifted look. 

Then, use the same technique you used on the first wing to ensure the bottom wing is sharp. 

Editor’s tip: To give the eyes additional definition and a more sultry appearance, trace your inner corners in a triangular shape and slightly smudge the edges so the look is diffused. 


4. Finish the Look With Volumizing Mascara

Finish off your look by applying a generous coat of a volumizing mascara. We love the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara because you can build it up for intense volume without weighing down your lashes. 


Graphic Double Winged Eyeliner 

If you prefer a bolder look, give graphic eyeliner a go. Below, we’re sharing how to get graphic double winged eyeliner in just five easy steps. 

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1. Prime Your Eyelids

Because you’ll be working with eyeliner and eyeshadow, applying primer to your eyelids is key to make the colors vibrant and the look long lasting. 


2. Apply Your Eyeshadow Color to Your Lids 

While the double winged eyeliner is the most detailed part of this makeup look, adding an eyeshadow to your lids in a contrasting shade to your liner will make the look pop even more. 

If you’re going to be creating the eyeliner in a deep shade, choose an eyeshadow in a light or bright shade, like the L’Oréal Paris Brilliant Eyes Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup in Blush Jewel or Crown Gold. Apply it to the center of your eyes, covering your eyelids but stopping below your brow bone and diffuse the edges lightly with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. 


3. Draw On Your Winged Eyeliner 

If you prefer a very sharp look, you can create both parts of the eyeliner with a liquid liner, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner. But for a softer look, opt for a creamy pencil eyeliner, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in a vibrant shade, like Cobalt Blue.  

Trace your upper lash line with your liner and wing it out at the outer corners of your eyes. Ensure the edges are sharp by cleaning them up with an angled eyeliner brush and some concealer or with a cotton swab and makeup remover. 


4. Create Your Graphic Liner 

To enhance the shape of your eyes and add a graphic element to the look, use the same eyeliner to create a line by tracing just above your crease. 

This line should run parallel to the winged eyeliner you created — and it should have a very slight curvature in the middle. The highest point should be right above your pupils. Diffuse the ends of the line subtly by gently smudging it with an angled eyeliner brush. 


5. Define Your Lashes With Mascara 

Finish the look with a coat of lengthening mascara, like the L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara. It creates a fanned-out look by lengthening and separating the lashes without looking clumpy or heavy — and it’s the perfect mascara to wear when you want to keep the focus on your eyeliner because it won't overpower it. 

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo Credit: IG/@walker_ash

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