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How to Dip Dye Short Hair

Hair Color Tutorials

How to Dip Dye Short Hair How to Dip Dye Short Hair How to Dip Dye Short Hair

Short strands often seem like they get the short (ha!) end of the stick, but that’s simply the wrong outlook. Yes, there are all sorts of styles and techniques that may not work quite as well on shorter hair, but cropped hair is also seriously convenient. Plus, there are still plenty of styles and dye jobs that are prime for the picking. Thankfully, colorful hair is one trend you can totally rock if you have short hair. Whether your locks are thick or thin, long or—you guessed it—short, there’s an option for you. Keep reading to find out how to dip dye your short hair.

What Is Dip Dye?

You may be wondering how dip dyeing differs from the other 101 colorful hair dyeing techniques. While ombré hair involves gradually fading your hair from one color into the next, dip dyed hair isn’t so subtle. Your hair will shift straight from your natural roots into your color of choice, with no in-between shade to soften the look. Basically, it’s perfect for those looking to make a statement. Want to get the dip dyed look on short hair? Read our tutorial below.

Step #1: Choose Your Color(s)

Before breaking out the bleach, it’s always a good idea to figure out exactly what you want for your hair. When it comes to dip dyeing, that means picking your new hue. Find your favorite color, looking at pictures of people with similar coloring to help narrow down your options. If you’re stuck between two shades, consider using both colors. Any two that are close on the color spectrum will blend beautifully, adding even more dimension to your hair.

Step #2: Switch Your Shade

It’s time! Your hair’s ready for a new color…but how are you actually achieving it? Decide if you want to DIY dye it or head to the salon and put your hair in the hands of a pro. The process will be similar no matter which option you settle on. Dark hair will need to be lightened, using bleach prior to dyeing. Keep in mind that the darker your base shade, the more work it may take to achieve your desired dip dyed look. Then, you’ll apply your hair color(s) of choice over whatever areas you’ve bleached. If you’re dip dyeing your short hair at home, try the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color, which is available in a variety of beautiful shades that are formulated to work on bleached, blonde, and highlighted hair, including pink, purple, and aqua.

Step #3: Change Your Routine

As fun as dip dyed hair is, with it comes a bit of new responsibility. Gone are the days of reaching for any old products in the aisle. It’s important to use a system of hair care products formulated for color-treated hair. Stock your shower with a shampoo, conditioner, and mask like the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo, L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Conditioner, and L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Ultra Recovery Mask.

Step #4: Make Mane Waves

Multi-toned tresses often look best styled into waves, and dip dyed hair is no exception. Embrace your natural texture by opting for an air-dried style, spritzing wave spray onto damp strands to help create shape. If your hair needs a bigger push in the right direction, place hair into braids and remove after a full night’s sleep to reveal more voluminous waves. If not, finish air drying as per usual and you’re all set!

Step #5: Repeat!

Once your color starts to fade, you’ll likely start getting the itch to refresh your hair with the same shade or revamp with a different dye. To refresh, make a follow-up appointment with your colorist or pick up more of your favorite at-home hair color. Are you ready for something new? We suggest a jewel tone. If your interest is piqued, check out our article, How to Get a Jewel-Toned Hair Color.