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9 Tips to Help You Smell Good All Day Long

Smelling good doesn’t happen by chance.
August 28, 2023

While you want the art of smelling good to look like it comes effortlessly (an I woke up like this kind of vibe), that is hardly the case. The thing is, mastering how to always smell good is easier said than done, and it certainly isn’t as easy as spritzing on perfume and being done with it. 

Instead, you should be approaching it like your makeup or skin care routine, with layers of different products and steps that help you achieve the result you desire. After all, “you smell good,” is the ultimate compliment so it’s likely a process you want to learn how to master. We’re here to help, so read on for the top beauty tips (nine to be exact) on how to smell good all day long.
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How Do I Stop Smelling During the Day?

If you smell throughout the day, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re using the wrong deodorant. You could have an extensive shower and body routine and still smell throughout the day if your deodorant is lacking effectiveness. For starters, note that anti-perspirant and deodorant are two different things: One blocks sweat and the other blocks body odor. Make sure to use a deodorant because that will help to nix body odor, or get a product that does both. 

Apply deodorant daily — some people like to use it post-shower, while some prefer to apply it while they’re getting dressed. Do what works best for you, just make sure that you don’t forget it. If you still find yourself smelling throughout the day, carry a travel-sized deodorant for easy touch-ups. There are also body deodorant wipes on the market that are good for on-the-go touch ups. 

How to Smell Good All Day Long: 9 Body Care Tips 

Smelling good is a very deliberate thing. Here are nine tips to help you master the art of smelling delicious. We have a feeling you’ll be receiving compliments in no time. 

1. Shower Regularly

First and foremost, proper hygiene is a must to ensure you smell good. You wouldn’t want to leave a buildup of impurities and oils lingering on your skin — not to mention the scent that comes with it — would you? It’s similar to applying makeup on dirty skin: You know it’s not going to look very good or last very long. Whether you’re a fan of showers or baths, make sure to cleanse your skin from head to toe as part of your beauty routine. It’s hard to smell good if your base isn’t clean. 

Harvard Health recommends taking a shower several times a week but cites that daily showers are not necessary to maintain your health. As for when you do shower, always remember to scrub those legs.  

2. Choose Your Lotion Carefully

Sure, perfume plays an important role in smelling good (more on that in a bit), but it isn’t the only product that can give you a lasting scent. In fact, the best way to get your perfume to last all day is to layer scents, and that starts with your lotion. Start by smoothing on a scented lotion with similar notes to your perfume all over your body. If you don’t have a scented lotion that matches your perfume, opt for an unscented formula. This will ensure there are no competing scents with your perfume. 

Whatever you decide on, know that fragrance lasts longer on hydrated skin so along with adding moisture, applying lotion daily is a must for smelling good all day.

3. Be Strategic About Perfume Placement

Rather than simply spritzing perfume on before heading out the door, you want to spray it strategically to ensure it lasts throughout the entire day. Apply it to your pulse points: the insides of your wrists, the neck, elbows and the backs of your knees. Blood flows constantly in these areas, creating heat, which will allow your fragrance to continue to radiate throughout the day so you’ll smell good throughout the day.

Another thing to note is that you should not be applying perfume to your wrists and rubbing them together. While you may have seen your mom do it when you were a child, it actually breaks down the fragrance, causing it to fade faster. Just spritz and let it dry. 

4. Layer Your Scents

If you feel like your perfume doesn’t last very long, try layering it. We mentioned using a body lotion with a similar scent, but you can also pair that with a scented body oil or fragrance oil. Typically, fragrance oils have the highest concentration of fragrance so they’re going to last the longest. After fragrance oils, eau du parfums are the next in line in terms of intensity whereas eau de toilettes are lightest. Apply it to your pulse points: the insides of your wrists, the neck, elbows and the backs of your knees.

Pairing a scented body wash with a matching lotion, fragrance oil and perfume will give the longest lasting scent because you’re wearing four layers of it. If you’re worried about smelling line you’re drenched in perfume, keep the application light. When you’re wearing four layers of scent, you’ll only need one to two spritzes of perfume. When it comes to curating your post-shower body care routine for a long-lasting smell, keep that in mind. 

5. Don’t Skip Deodorant

Deodorant is the golden ticket to ensure you always smell good. Your perfume can only do so much if it’s competing with the scent of lingering body odor. There’s no need to be embarrassed, most people work up a sweat throughout the day, and it’s common to end up with a bit of odor, but luckily, that’s what deodorant is for. Whether you opt for a regular or natural deodorant, the choice is up to you, but this is one step you don’t want to skip — especially if you like to work out.

6. Refresh Your Hair

Just as your skin can acquire a buildup of dirt and oils that can cause odor, so can your hair. That’s why it’s important to keep your strands clean and refreshed. While you don’t necessarily have to wash your hair every day, you can spritz your strands with a bit of dry shampoo to refresh your mane and give it a clean scent. Using a weekly clarifying shampoo, like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Curls Micellar Shampoo, that can remove and oil product build up is also a good way to keep your hair fresh.

Aside from dry shampoo, hair perfume is another product you may want to invest in — and no, we don’t mean you should spritz your strands with regular perfume. Using a hair perfume that’s specifically formulated to make hair smell good is important, as regular perfume is often formulated with alcohols that can be super drying on your hair. Instead, spritz a hair perfume onto your hair brush, and brush it through your strands to boost the overall smell.

7. Keep Your Clothes Fresh

Your body isn’t the only thing to consider when determining how to smell good all day — your clothes factor in, too. If you find yourself digging through dirty laundry you forgot to do last night for a half-decent pair of jeans (it happens), there’s a pretty good chance they won’t smell their best. Like your hair, you can spritz your clothes with perfume or fabric freshner to help give them a pleasant fragrance. When it’s time to actually wash your clothes, look for detergents that have a scent you enjoy, as this will likely stick around once clean.

8. Refresh Your Breath

Full stop: There’s no sense in smelling like a decadent vanilla goddess when you have bad breath. While you may be well-versed in brushing your teeth twice a day, certain foods that you eat throughout the day, like garlic or your morning cup of coffee, can leave a lasting impression on your breath that may not be the most ideal. Keep mints, mouthwash and gum on hand for when your breath needs a quick refresh.

9. Reapply As Needed

No matter how much you want it to, your scent probably won’t last forever, especially on a hot summer day where you’re sweating a bit more than usual. It’s not a bad idea to keep a travel-sized version of your fragrance in your bag to touch up your scent throughout the day. It may be helpful to include a travel-size deodorant, too.

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