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How to Determine Your Undertones for the Perfect Makeup Application

Face Makeup

How to Determine Your Undertones for the Perfect Makeup Application How to Determine Your Undertones for the Perfect Makeup Application How to Determine Your Undertones for the Perfect Makeup Application

Ever wonder how makeup artists get Hollywood’s hottest celebs to look flawlessly natural in their makeup? It all comes down to undertones (well, and acquiring skills through practice). Understanding your skin’s undertone is the key to finding the best foundation and concealer to suit your skin—and that will ultimately ensure your most seamless, line-free face makeup application. Ready for a crash course on undertones? Let’s get started! 


While you may have light, medium, or dark skin, it’s all about the colors that peek through from underneath the surface of your skin—a.k.a. your undertones. Existing in an array of warm, cool, and neutral undertones, skin—and the makeup that’s best suited for it—can get pretty specific. Wondering what undertone you have? Here’s what you need to know.

If you have warm undertones…you’ll notice hints of yellow, peachy, or golden hues. 

If you have cool undertones…your skin leans on the pink, red, and bluish side.

If you have neutral undertones…look for an even mixture of warm and cool tones that balance each other out and make your skin’s natural shade more obvious.

If you peek in the mirror and are having trouble clearly identifying your undertone, no worries! There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help easily identify your peek-a-boo hue that will make finding the perfect makeup that much more of a breeze. 

What color are your veins? Flip your wrist over and take a peek at your veins. What do you see? If your veins lean toward the blueish-purple end of the spectrum, you have cool undertones. Veins look slightly more green? Warm undertones, we see you! If you’re having trouble really nailing down what color your veins look, congrats: You’re neutral!

You’re at the beach: Do you burn or tan? If you’re a perpetual lobster come summertime, there’s a good chance you’re rocking cool undertones. On the other hand, tan sun bunnies tend to have warm or neutral undertones.

Does silver or gold complement you better? Sure, you can absolutely accessorize with both, but take a minute to really consider which metal looks most flattering on you. Cooler undertones tend to look better in silver, while warm undertones are generally accentuated by wearing gold. 


To determine which foundation and concealer will look best on you, simply dab a tad on your neck to find the perfect match. This way you’ll be able to match your undertones and ensure that you won’t have an intense line of demarcation. While you might feel like you’ve hit jackpot on the first swatch, be sure to try a few on for size so that you can compare to find the truest match—you’ll quickly be amazed by just how natural your coverage will look. 

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Now that you’re armed with everything you need to know about undertones, it’s time to stock up on face makeup. Here are a few options to get you started. 

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