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Post-Workout Skin Tips

Skin Care Essentials

Post-Workout Skin Tips Post-Workout Skin Tips Post-Workout Skin Tips

Fitting in exercise can sometimes be more of a challenge then actually running that mile or taking a barre class. But, the reward is worth it: You’ll feel energized, maybe relaxed and hopefully even lighter on your feet. It’s important to take the time to care for your body; so don’t let that momentum end with your final crunch of the morning. Add in some time to make tending to your skin a part of your healthy routine – you’ll be happy you did.

Embrace your sweat. If you’ve built up a sweat that means you’ve gotten in a good workout. Exercising boosts feel-good endorphins in addition to promoting better health overall. Sweat can actually be good for your skin. It thermo-regulates, like a liquid that goes out and cools you off.

Cool down and get clean. While, the act of sweating may be good for skin, you should not let your face stay clammy long after your workout, it’s the bacteria on your skin that smells. Bacteria is one of the many factors that can lead to breakouts. So, that means you should hit the sink or shower before heading out on your daily errands. Make sure to cleanse as soon as possible, the longer sweat stays on your skin the more vulnerable you are to break outs, especially if you are prone to acne, or back acne.

Hydrate your body – and skin. When you sweat during a workout you will lose a good amount of water. It’s important to replenish your body by drinking water, but you can also replenish your skin. If your skin is red or blotchy after a workout it is because your skin is looking for oxygen, continue to drink water and you’ll see that once your breathing calms down the redness will dissipate. Re-hydrate with water, but also replenish your skin by moisturizing. Also don’t forget to hydrate your skin after cleansing: Moisturizer acts as barrier too, hydrating and protecting your skin.

Get your blood pumping, elevate your mood and care for your skin. Taking the time to care for your body, mind and skin is always time well spent.