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How to Shave Your Legs Like a Pro

Skin Care Essentials

How to Shave Your Legs Like a Pro How to Shave Your Legs Like a Pro How to Shave Your Legs Like a Pro

With warmer temperatures now here, it’s time to show off those gorgeous legs! But if your leg-shaving technique is a little rusty after spending months bundled up in sweatpants, no need to stress. Wondering how to shave your legs like a pro? Follow our step-by-step guide to shaving your legs below. If you’ve ever been confused about how to shave without ending up with irritation, we’ve got you covered. So, keep the following tips in mind the next time you’re shaving your legs.

Leg-Shaving Step #1: Help Soften Your Skin

If you’re on the quest to learn how to shave your legs the right way, your first step should be hopping into the tub. According to the American Academy of Dermatolgy (AAD), before you begin shaving your legs, you should wet your skin and hair to help soften it. So, no more attempting to shave your legs when your skin is dry! The AAD states that this can scratch your skin and make it feel rough. Ouch! Instead, get into the bathtub or shower and wet your skin before picking up your razor.

Leg-Shaving Step #2: Lather Up

Again, shaving dry skin is a total no-no, as this can lead to irritation. Meaning shaving your legs while your skin is wet is the way to go. But before you get to work, follow this step: After getting your skin wet in the shower, the AAD recommends applying a shaving cream or gel. This can help prevent you from cutting your skin while you’re shaving your legs.

Leg-Shaving Step #3: Grab a Fresh Razor

It’s time to toss that razor that’s been sitting in your bathroom for quite a while—go ahead and grab a new one! The AAD recommends using a disposable razor or one with a disposable blade, making sure to replace the razor or blades often. According to the AAD, you should throw away disposable razors after five to seven shaves, as this can help minimize irritation from dull blades. Consider stocking up on a pack of razors so that you always have a new on hand when you need it.

Leg-Shaving Step #4: Follow Directions

Now, how exactly should you go about shaving your legs? Should you glide your razor in the direction that your hair grows or in the opposite one? Ah, this is the age-old question, isn’t it? Well, when it comes to how to shave your legs, the AAD advises doing so in the direction that your hair grows.

Leg-Shaving Step #5: Be Gentle!

The AAD says you shouldn’t press too hard with your razor, as this can lead to irritation. Being gentle is key!

There you have it: Five easy steps for how to shave your legs, from prepping your skin in the shower to gently pressing on your skin with your razor. Follow these the next time you’re shaving your legs—then keep the following self-tanner tutorial on hand so that you can rock a faux glow while you flaunt your beautiful skin.

How to Get a Golden-Looking Glow After Shaving Your Legs

After you’re done shaving your legs, you probably want to slip on your favorite sundress or pair of shorts to show them off, right? Well, if you want a little bit of color before heading out in your summer apparel, consider using a wash-off body bronzer, like the L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze™ Summer Express Wash-Off Body Makeup Lotion. This full coverage lotion leaves skin looking bronzed and radiant while providing long-lasting hydration. It’s transfer- and sweat-resistant but washes off easily with soap and water. To use it, smooth it evenly onto clean skin using your hands, then apply a second time for a more intense result, Wash your hands thoroughly after use—and let your skin dry completely before putting on makeup or clothes. When you’re ready to take it all off, just wash with soap and water.