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skin care concerns How to Get Rid of Peach Fuzz on Your Face

As if curated makeup looks and intricate hairstyles weren’t time-consuming enough, it seems as though us girls can’t catch a break in the beauty department. There's so much to manage, including—if you look closely enough—peach fuzz. And while you may know how to shave your legs like a pro, tackling other types of hair removal like getting rid of peach fuzz might not fall under your area of expertise yet. Want to say goodbye to peach fuzz on your face? Below, we’re sharing how to get rid of peach fuzz seven different ways.


Let’s back up a minute. What is peach fuzz? Peach fuzz is that super fine, lightly colored hair that’s on your face. The reason for its name is pretty obvious—it resembles the fuzz on the skin of a peach. And just so you know, everyone has peach fuzz. It’s totally normal, and you don’t have to remove it! In fact, you're probably the only person who can see it unless someone gets super close to your face. Of course, you can remove it if you want, and it may even have some unexpected benefits. Get this: Getting rid of peach fuzz can actually help makeup go on smoother!


Ready to dive in? Here are seven options for parting ways with unwanted peach fuzz.


You may be familiar with waxing your eyebrows, but did you know this method of hair removal could also be used for peach fuzz on your face? Whether you use an at-home kit or head to the salon, the process is pretty standard. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), first, melted wax is applied to the area in question, then given time to cool and harden. Next, said wax is quickly pulled off in the opposite direction, removing hair from the root in the process.


Nearly the same process as waxing, sugaring can also be used to remove peach fuzz at the root. Rather than using traditional wax, this hair removal method uses sugar wax to remove any hair, including peach fuzz. Per the FDA, a melted sugar mixture is applied to the hair and fabric is placed on top, then ripped away once cooled.


Another hair removal technique you’re likely familiar with, threading can be used to remove peach fuzz on your face, too. The FDA states this process involves using a loop of thread to pluck the hair from your skin.


Dermaplaning is known for being a trending facial method, but did you know it can also help get rid of unwanted peach fuzz? A dermatome, which is similar to a tiny electric razor, is used to remove the surface layer of your skin, and, in the process, peach fuzz on your face is removed, too.


Hair removal creams are another popular option for removing peach fuzz. Known as depilatories, the FDA explains that hair removal creams, gels, and lotions affect the protein structure of hair, causing peach fuzz to dissolve and be easily wiped away.


While not quite a hair removal method, many people opt to bleach their peach fuzz rather than get rid of it completely. This is especially the case for those with dark hair who deal with more prominent peach fuzz on their face. By using a bleach that’s safe for your face, you can lighten your peach fuzz so that it’s even less visible.


Is it okay to shave peach fuzz? Yes! Just as men often opt to shave their facial hair, you can do the same with unwanted peach fuzz. Rather than reaching for the same razor you use on your legs, opt for a gentler option by using a small, electric razor specifically meant for use on your face.


After going through the trouble to remove peach fuzz, we’re sure the last thing you want is for it to grow back thicker and darker. But is there any truth to this rumor? According to the Mayo Clinic, hair removal won’t cause your hair to grow back thicker, darker, or faster. Phew!

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