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face makeup L'Oréal Paris’ Eye Cream In A Concealer Kicked My Dark Circles To The Curb

My mother says that I get my dark under eye circles from my father—that and long toes. Over the years I’ve found workarounds for those extended phalanges, but I’ve struggled to find products that easily hide my dark circles without damaging the sensitive skin there. So I wasn’t particularly excited when mask wearing made eyes such a huge beauty focus for the foreseeable future. Then I tried the new L’Oréal Paris True Match Eye Cream In A Concealer and now I’m eager about the potential of my peepers. This wonderful two-in-one has earned a permanent spot in my beauty arsenal, here’s why.

It’s lightweight and long-wear.

The first thing I noticed was how creamy yet light the formula is, which allows the concealer to spread as seamlessly as a moisturizer. I wondered whether this would have a negative impact on its efficacy but not only did it offer that same amazing buildable coverage as the L’Oréal Paris True Match Super Blendable foundation that I swear by, it lasted through an entire work day with no re-application.

A little goes a long way.

When I’m applying everyday makeup the goal is to look natural and like myself, but better. This concealer helped me do exactly that with very little. Because it’s medium coverage some might be tempted to build it, which is possible. But with just two drops it covers my super dark circles without making me appear like I’m trying to look perfect. I love that it feels more like a liquid foundation and not other concealers because it doesn’t settle into my fine lines. Lightly tap with a blender sponge and it just blurs them away. The bonus: I don’t need a corrector so it cuts down on my makeup prep time.

It has lasting impact on overall under eye health.

After just two weeks of use I noticed that my eyes were less puffy waking up, and that they looked brighter overall. That 0.5 percent dose of hyaluronic acid included is not only giving my skin much needed moisture, it’s helping to make my eyes naturally look better over time. I might not have had any say in the genetic hand that I was dealt, but now with this eye cream in a concealer I can embrace these eyes from dear ol’ dad.

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