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What Are the Lip Shapes on a Lip Chart?

Lip charts have become a popular and easy way to pinpoint your unique pout.
May 31, 2023


While you may know that lipstick is one of those makeup products that can instantly upgrade your look, you likely often overlook the fact that what may look gorgeous on one person may not be so flattering on your lips. That’s due to many factors, but the shape of your lips could be the most important one. Like any feature, it’s necessary to take your unique shape into account when attempting to accentuate it — that’s where a lip chart comes in handy.

A lip chart can help you determine your lip shape
, and as a result, can help you discover new and complimentary ways to apply lip products that play up your pout. Keep reading to find out more about lip charts, plus how to read one and understand the lip shapes included in it.
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What Is a Lip Chart? 

Like a fingerprint, lips are totally unique and vary from person to person. A lip chart is a helpful visual tool that outlines some of the different types of lip shapes, ranging from thin to round to heart shaped and more.

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Why Should I Use a Lip Chart? 

While you don’t need to use a lip chart in order to put together a dramatic lip look, the visual representation of your lips can help you get a better understanding of your lip shape and inspire you to change up your look or paint your lips in a way that makes them stand out. Here are some of the lip shapes you can expect to find on a lip chart (Note: You may find that your lips are a combination of shapes, you don’t have to narrow it down to just one).

1. Full Lips

Full lips are the most common of shapes and are typically defined by lips that are equally plump on the top and bottom. 

2. Heavy Upper Lip

This lip shape is identified by an upper lip that is fuller or larger than the bottom lip.

3. Wide Lips

Wide lips are usually longer (horizontally) than they are full and reach from cheek to cheek to create your unique smile. 

4. Round Lips

If your lips are nearly the same in width and height, complete with rounded edges, you have a round lip shape — fullness is not an issue for you.

5. Heavy Lower Lip

When your bottom lip is larger or fuller than your upper lip, this is considered to be a bottom heavy lip shape.

6. Thin Lips

Lips that have less volume and are naturally slim are considered to be thin or slim lips. You may be inclined to overline your lips to give them a full look from time to time. 

7. Bow-Shaped Lips

Bow-shaped lips are full in size with an upper lip that resembles the handle of a bow from a bow and arrow set (like a Cupid’s bow).

8. Heart-Shaped Lips

Heart-shaped lips typically have a pronounced Cupid's bow on top, with a sharper bottom lip. 

9. Down-turned Lips

This lip shape is defined by lips that face slightly downward at the corners, giving the mouth a natural slight pout.

What to Do After Using a Lip Chart

Once you’ve narrowed down your lip shape, you might be wondering what you should do with your newfound knowledge. The short answer is whatever you want. Explore purple lipstick if you want, indulge in a vampy black lipstick or a berry shade. 

If you’d prefer to stick to a tried-and-true lip color, such as red, grab the L’Oréal Paris Intense Volume Matte Lipstick in Le Rouge Avant-Garde or Le Rouge Determination, two shades that are perfect for any season of the year. 

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Photo Design: Sarah Duvivier

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