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7 Super-Stylish Brown Hair Color Shades for Fall

Hair Color Ideas

7 Super-Stylish Brown Hair Color Shades for Fall 7 Super-Stylish Brown Hair Color Shades for Fall 7 Super-Stylish Brown Hair Color Shades for Fall

Typically, you probably think of lightening your hair for spring and summer and then darkening things up once fall and winter roll around. The good news is, there are currently lots of different varieties of brown hair that are trending—and they’d all look gorgeous on you. Keep reading to learn about the most popular brown hair colors for fall and how to get the looks. Just keep in mind that some of these colors do incorporate blonde—and if you’re lightening your hair, you’ll need to bleach it first. The darker your base color, the more work it may require to reach your desired shade.

Brown Hair Color Idea #1: Mushroom Brown Hair

This food-inspired hair color shade is anything but funky. Mushroom brown hair features a medium brown base with lighter mushroom-esque brown highlights. This brown hair color option is on the cool side, so it’ll look best on those with cool skin tones. Not sure what your undertones are? Flip your wrists. If your veins appear blue, then you’re cool (whereas if your veins appear green, then you’re warm). Since this shade features expertly-placed highlights, it’s a good idea to visit a colorist who can create your custom color.

Brown Hair Color Idea #2: Chocolate Brown Hair

Another food-inspired hair color that is worth considering fall is chocolate brown. This sweet shade features yellow undertones that makes it the perfect pairing for warmer skin tones. Get the look at home with the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme in Dark Chocolate Brown.

Brown Hair Color Idea #3: Auburn Brown Hair

If you can’t decide between red and brown hair this fall, you’re in luck. You don’t actually have to make a choice if you opt for auburn brown hair, which combines the two. Auburn brown is another hair color that complements warm skin tones beautifully. DIY it with the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème in Medium Reddish Brown.

Brown Hair Color Idea #4: Tiger Eye

Brown hair sometimes has the reputation for being boring—but it’s all about creating a multidimensional color that has movement. Enter tiger eye. Inspired by the rock of the same name, tiger eye blends bronze, gold, and dark brown highlights and lowlights for a completely customized look. It’s similar to balayage in that it’s marked by darker roots seamlessly blending in to lighter ends. Since tiger eye is quite an intricate hair color trend, it’s best to see a pro colorist. Tiger eye works best for those with warm skin tones, however you can ask your stylist to make your highlights a bit more neutral if you’re on the cooler side.

Brown Hair Color Idea #5: Bronde

Pop quiz: What would you get if you mixed blonde and brunette together? That’d be bronde! This shade is a little bit blonde and a little bit brown—and it’s the perfect choice for those who are indecisive. Much like mushroom brown and tiger eye, visiting a professional colorist is key if you’re interested in going bronde, as this color can be customized to your skin tone.

Brown Hair Color Idea #6: Melted Brunette

Another one of our favorite hair color trends of the moment is color melting. Think of the color melting technique as an upgraded version of ombré. You know how with ombré hair, there’s a harsh line of demarcation between your dark base and light ends? Well, that’s not the case with color melting. For this technique, a colorist will blend your highlights with your base color to avoid these harsh lines (yep, this is another one where you’ll want to hit up the salon). Jazz up your basic brown hair color with color melted highlights for a multidimensional look.

Brown Hair Color Idea #7: Rose Gold Tips

Last but certainly not least, why not add a small pop of color to your brown hair by dyeing just the tips? Rose gold continues to remain one of the most sought-after hair colors—but you don’t have to color your entire head to get in on the fun. Just use the L’Oréal Paris Féria in Rose Gold on your ends for a fashionable dip-dyed look.