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Gray Hair: 7 Hacks to Hide It

Gray Hair Coverage

Gray Hair: 7 Hacks to Hide It Gray Hair: 7 Hacks to Hide It Gray Hair: 7 Hacks to Hide It

As you get older, dealing with gray hair can start to feel like a no-win game of hide and seek. Trust us—it’s nowhere near as fun as what you remember from your childhood. Despite the rising popularity of silvery streaks on the runway, it’s still not quite the look many of us strive to achieve. After all, gray hair can actually make you look older, which we understand isn’t on everyone’s to-do list. Since we understand the struggle, we’re revealing six different hacks for hiding gray hair. Trust, you’ll want to know each and every one.


When those first few grays start to pop in, you'll want a product that offers precise coverage, as opposed to one that'll cover a large area. That's where a root cover-up pen comes in. Not only can it be used to seamlessly hide a few stray grays, it's also a great option for concealing on-the-go. You’re bound to have the occasional day where you don’t notice your roots are showing until you’ve already left home. Or maybe you simply don’t have time between fitting in breakfast and getting out the door on schedule to ensure your roots are undercover in the AM. While it would be convenient to be able to tackle gray coverage before stepping foot outside, sometimes you need to work your magic on-the-go, that’s just the way it is. For those days when your morning is a mess and you’re stuck completing your beauty routine on your commute or at the office, disguise your grays with the help of a convenient root cover-up pen.

At-home hair color pick: The L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Precision Pen features a unique precision brush that allows easy, smooth application on any hair type or texture. Rotate the pen to dispense product, then lightly dab the brush onto dry hair using swift strokes. Wait a minute for the product to dry, and you're good to go.


Let’s face it—there are times where life gets busy, and suddenly your roots are marked by a few weeks of growth. Even with super-convenient dyeing options, there’s a chance time won’t permit that you can immediately dye or highlight your hair again once you notice your gray hairs are visible. Instead of panicking, reach for a root cover-up spray to conceal larger areas of grays until there’s time for a more long-lasting answer.

At-home hair color pick: Spray the L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up onto new growth and partly through the length of the hair to blend in the color and effectively hide gray roots. The quick and easy spray dries in a flash and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue. The best part? Once you’ve sprayed, you’re all set until your next shampoo.


When you have two to four weeks of regrowth happening, it's about time for an option that won't wash out at the end of every day. When it's just your roots that are in need of a refresh, you can do targeted root coverage with permanent dye. And no, not with an all-over boxed color. A permanent root color kit will serve you well in this endeavor, allowing you to hide your grays without totally redoing your dye job. 

At-home hair color pick: The L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Root Rescue 10 Minute Root Hair Coloring Kit contains everything you need to conceal grays with permanent hair color in just ten minutes. Available in shades of blonde, red, brown, and black, you can find your match, then follow the included directions (to a T) to say goodbye to your roots. 


When you start going gray, the obvious option is to dye your hair. It isn’t the only one (or this would be a sadly short list), but it’s likely the one that first crossed your mind upon discovering your first gray hair. Luckily, there are permanent hair color kits that are perfect for when it's been more than four weeks since your last coloring session and you won't be able to get to salon anytime soon. With kits like this, you can just about make the salt and pepper pieces in your hair disappear—that is, until it’s time to dye again.

At-home hair color pick: Our L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color comes in a variety of shades of blonde, brown, red, and black so that you can easily find your best match and color your hair without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The kit includes a developer creme, hair color, conditioner, and hair serum—everything you need to keep your gray hairs covered—just follow the instructions included with your selected shade. Keep in mind that if you’re starting with a dark base shade and you’re going lighter, this will require bleaching—and the darker your hair is to begin with, the more work it may take to achieve your desired hair color.


A mane that’s sprinkled with gray hair can leave you just as desperate to get rid of them as those with a mane that’s mostly (or entirely) gray, but the same solution may not be what you need. Instead of dyeing all of your hair, try adding highlights throughout to disguise your gray hairs. By blending highlights in your hair, stray grays can be hidden without requiring too much maintenance.

At-home hair color pick: Add highlights to your hair at home with the L’Oréal Paris Frost & Design. Perfect for both beginners and highlighting experts, you’re able to get dimensional highlights from root to tip, controlling exactly where they go. Create your own look—subtle or dramatic—by using the pull-through cap to create partial or full highlights. Read our article, How to Highlight Your Hair at Home, for more advice.


The urge to take gray hairs super-seriously may feel super-strong, but that isn’t your only option. Instead, implement your favorite festival hair trend—roots coated in glitter—as a way to hide grays. Create a mixture of glitter and hair gel, then place it on new growth for glam rock roots that no one will realize are turning gray. While we won’t dictate your glitter selection, as long as it’s something supremely sparkly, we can suggest a hair gel to mix it with. Try the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Extreme Style Gel, which offers high shine and long-lasting hold.


Covering up gray hairs can be as simple as trying out a different hairstyle. Pick a new way to part your hair, depending on where most of your grays are. Yes, it really can be as easy as adjusting the placement of your part!

If covering up your grays isn’t your style and you’re ready to embrace gray hair all over, read our article, Go Gray the Most Stylish Way Possible with Steel Gray Hair.