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Keep your hair healthy looking this summer with these 5 tips

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Keep your hair healthy looking this summer with these 5 tips Keep your hair healthy looking this summer with these 5 tips Keep your hair healthy looking this summer with these 5 tips

There are few things so sweet as the anticipation of summer. With pool parties and beach weekends, barbeques and rooftops, we left our worries with the winter.

As carefree as summer may be, the arrival of sun, sea, and sand does pose some risks for keeping hair nourished and healthy. But never fear – it’s possible to have healthy-looking and shiny hair all summer. Just take note of these 5 tips!

# 1-Treatments
To revive hair from the dryness caused by the sun, chlorine, and simply spending more time outdoors, integrate some key treatments into your routine. A nourishing mask can work wonders for your hair once or twice a week, and a hydrating oil serum (or other leave-in products formulated with oils, such as an oil-in-cream) makes a perfect beach bag accessory to nourish on the go.

# 2- Pick the right shampoo
Time out in the sticky heat or the ocean or pool can mean washing hair more frequently. If that’s the case, the shampoo you use becomes even more important than usual. Dry hair especially needs a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to replenish hair with conditioning agents. Look beyond basic hydration products for something with richer moisture – formulated with oils or other ultra-nourishing ingredients.

# 3- Style smart
We all love beachy waves, but leaving thick or curly hair to its own devices in the hot, salty air can result in tangles that cause breakage. Save yourself some exasperation at the end of the day with a style that keeps hair in check. Add a few pumps of oil serum to damp hair, then braid for an easy, active style that will slip out with fewer tangles at the end of the day.

# 4- Limit frizz

Nothing makes hair look more dry and less healthy-looking than frizz (with dry or split ends a close second). Frizz is a result of dehydration, which can happen if the natural oils your scalp secretes don’t move all the way down the hair strands – often the case with curly hair. Oil products can help replenish this moisture, making hair smoother and less frizzy.

# 5- Extra attention for the ends
Speaking of dry ends: pay extra attention to these more vulnerable parts of your strands during the summer, when the elements can make them dryer and more prone to damage. Focus shampoo on the scalp rather than the ends of hair. For extra nourishment, add an oil serum to your ends to protect them when brushing hair or applying heat.  

Without dry hair to worry about, carry on with the endless fun summer has to offer.