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How to Use Leave-In Conditioner

All Hair Types

How to Use Leave-In Conditioner How to Use Leave-In Conditioner How to Use Leave-In Conditioner

You’d never skip applying conditioner after shampooing in the shower, would you? We hope not! But once you’ve dried yourself off, do you feel like your hair could use a little extra loving? Yep, we’ve all been there. Enter: leave-in hair care products. Not exactly sure how a leave-in conditioner, lotion, or mist does? Keep reading to learn all about leave-in conditioner and find our best leave-in hair care product options.

What Is Leave-in Conditioner?

Leave-in conditioners, sprays, and creams are typically applied after you shampoo and condition, usually to towel-dried hair before styling. They can help provide extra moisture as well as detangle strands, which can help make styling easier.

The Best Leave-in Hair Care Products from L’Oréal Paris

Ready to try a leave-in conditioner, cream, or spray yourself? Pick from the following options below, depending on your hair’s specific needs.

L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Power Moisture 10 Second Hydra-Detangler: This leave-in mist instantly detangles and locks in the freshness of just-washed hair, leaving strands feeling soft and hydrated without being weighed down. Hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from your hair and spray evenly throughout towel-dried hair, avoiding your roots. Comb through and style as usual. Use after the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Power Moisture Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Power Moisture Conditioner.

L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Break Proof Lotion: This leave-in lotion has a lightweight formula that moisturizes and helps revive the look of shine. It also provides added slip and detangling. Apply a dime size amount to towel-dried hair and gently work into hair to evenly distribute. Don’t rinse. Style as usual.

L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream: This ultra-lightweight yet ultra-nourishing leave-in cream-to-oil formula helps hydrate hair. After using the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Conditioner, rub a dime size amount of this leave-in cream between your hands and then work throughout the lengths of damp hair. Use more or less depending on your hair’s length. You can also use a little bit on dry hair as a finishing touch.

L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Dry Oil: This leave-in hair care product instantly absorbs into hair to weightlessly restore the look of smoothness without leaving residue. After using the L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Conditioner, apply throughout the lengths of hair, concentrating at your ends. You can also use it before shampoo to nourish hair, before styling, or as a finishing touch.

L’Oréal Paris EverPure 10-in-1 Elixir: This leave-in elixir helps nourish, hydrate, and smooth hair. Apply on towel-dried hair and scalp in sections. Gently work into hair to evenly distribute. Do not rinse. Style as usual.

Your Leave-In Conditioner Routine

Now that you know what leave in-conditioner is and how to pick the right one for your hair’s needs, it’s time to actually add one to your routine.

Step 1: Start with freshly washed hair. First things first: Hop in the shower! Use the system and shampoo and conditioner formulated to work with your L’Oréal Paris leave-in hair care product.

Step 2: Apply your leave-in conditioner. Read the instructions on your L’Oréal Paris leave-in conditioner, cream, or mist and apply accordingly. Generally, you’d want to apply leave-in conditioner to damp or towel-dried hair, then style as usual. No need to rinse out—that’s why it’s called a leave-in!

Step 3: Comb your hair. Your hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet, so skip the brushes and use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair before styling instead.

Step 4: Style how you wish. You’re ready to style now! Blow-dry or air dry: the choice is up to you.

You’re officially a leave-in conditioner pro. Next up: it’s time to learn about hair masks. Check out our article, The Best L’Oréal Paris Hair Masks, Balms, and Butters for Every Hair Type, for even more product recommendations. Here’s to a happier hair care routine!