beauty trends 11 Prettiest Spring Nail Colors for 2022

Jump into the new season with a fresh mani in one of these cheerful hues.

March 02, 2022
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It’s only a matter of time before the flowers start to bloom and the days get longer, which means spring is near! And sporting cheerful spring nail colors is a great way to update your beauty look for the new season. 

From classic pastels to gorgeous greens, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to spring nail ideas. So keep scrolling to explore 11 of the best spring nail colors for 2022.

1. Pastel Pink

Nothing says spring like a soft pink manicure. This gorgeous color looks amazing on all skin tones, making it one of our favorite spring nail color ideas. Try an all-over pastel pink mani that you can do right at home, or head to your favorite nail artist for a nail design with intricate details and standout accents.


2. Yellow

Looking for ways to brighten up your nail look? Look no further than yellow. This color can spice up your manicure and can even take your Easter beauty look to the next level. With so many shades available too, you have options that range from muted and subtle to bright and high-shine.

3. Deep Blue Violet

If you stay up to date on the Pantone color of the year then you know that you’re bound to see deep blue violet, aka very peri, everywhere for spring. The bold purple hue will bring some lively flair to any manicure. Pair it with neutrals so that the standout shade doesn’t clash with the rest of your look.

4. White

White nails are such a classic that the color had to make the list. It gives your nails a polished look and pairs well with just about any style you can dream up. Not to mention, you can make a seriously stylish statement by pairing your white nails with a white eyeliner look.

5. Olive Green

You may not associate colors like olive green with spring but for 2022 the color is having its moment. The subtle hue of green is often less of a standout than its emerald and hunter counterparts, but still makes for a romantic and fun manicure. 

6. Kermit Green

Yep, we mean Kermit like the frog — he’s still super popular and so is his shade of green. You’ll see it on desert nails, landscape nails, negative space nails and more. This vivid green shade adds a touch of brightness to any set of acrylic or gel nails.

7. Gold

Sometimes a little shimmer is all you need to usher in a new season, and gold nail polish gives you just that. Of course, you can also sport the metallic shade in matte finishes on accent nails or as part of a playful design. The options are plentiful — as will be your Instagram likes.

8. Powder Blue

Trade in your winter blues for spring blues — powder blue to be specific. It’s the perfect combination of playfulness and charm for any outfit, accessory or manicure. This light blue hue really makes for a chic and trendy mani year-round. 

9. Lilac

If you’re a fan of traditional seasonal shades, another nail polish option that feels somewhere between the purple and blue color families is lilac. It’s a muted pastel tone that often reminds us of Easter egg hunts and weekend brunches. The ever-trendy shade is perfect for an easy at-home manicure and pedicure when you want to create a proper self-care moment.

10. Orange

We could easily make a corny orange joke here but all kidding aside, orange is a fantastic nail color and it is a must-have for spring 2022 nails. It’s one of those bright hues that you can pull off no matter your skin tone (just customize the color to suit you) and it goes with so many color schemes that it’s suitable for any occasion. Stock up on orange nail polish and a variety of nail tools, stat.

11. Light Gray

Who says that neutrals are reserved for the fall and winter? If you ask us, gray is the spring nail color that keeps on giving. This cool and muted shade will fit right in with your spring wardrobe and can work perfectly on an accent nail or a full manicure.

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Written by: Shalwah Evans, Photo Credit: Aistė Ple, IG/@heygreatnails