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How To Take A Good Selfie When You’re Bad At Photos

Selfie taking is an art form!
June 26, 2020

Truth be told—most of us have been on a mission at one point or another to capture the perfect selfie (especially if you’ve just applied a killer makeup look), but we’re not all influencers who have mastered the art of selfie-taking. Even when you’re really feeling your look, sometimes your picture doesn’t come out quite as you expected. If you’re bad at photos, feel awkward in front of the camera or you’ve just found yourself wondering how to take a good selfie, there are a few tips and tricks that go into mastering how to take the perfect selfie—and we’re here to share them. 

1. Consider The Look You’re Going For 

The first thing to consider when taking a great selfie is what kind of look you’re going for. If you want a natural selfie, go bare-faced or try a no makeup, makeup look. Want something a bit more eye-catching? A bold lip color won’t let you down. If you’re going to be wearing makeup in the photo, there’s one thing you should always consider: your foundation. As a rule of thumb, use a foundation that has a matte finish, or keep setting powder on hand. Dewy makeup can sometimes cause your complexion to look overly shiny or create flashback in photos. The L’Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24H Fresh Wear Foundation in a Powder, matte finish is a great option because it’s matte and full-coverage without appearing heavy or cakey on the skin. 

2. Lighting Is Key 

The lighting you use to snap your picture can make all the difference in how it turns out. Bright, natural lighting will be your best friend. Golden hour selfies are popular for a reason! Make sure the sunlight is always in front of you shining on your face, never behind you一which can make you appear to be a shadow. If, you don’t have a good window, or you’re taking photos at nighttime, consider investing in a ring light一there are tons of affordable options online. 

3. Find Your Best Angles 

The idea of a “good side” is outdated. If you understand how to angle the camera in a way that flatters your features, you’ll be able to make both sides of your face look great. This comes with practice and experimentation. Try holding the camera in different positions and altering your positioning until you find what works best for you. 

4. Experiment With Poses

In that same vein, there’s no signature pose that’s flattering for everyone. So, take test shots and practice different facial expressions. Try smiling with teeth and without teeth to see which option you prefer. If you need pose suggestions, scroll through social media and find inspiration photos that you like. Remember, the best selfies are those that look authentic, so opt for poses that feel as organic as possible. 

5. Pick Your Background Wisely 

Your face is the star of your photo, so don’t let your background be a distraction. Make sure you’ve taken where you’re posing into consideration. Don’t let a background of trash bins, laundry or clutter draw the attention away from you. 

6. Don’t Over Edit Your Selfie 

Gone are the days when over-edited, ultra-filtered selfies were considered ideal. There's something incredibly refreshing about an authentic photo—so let your natural self shine. That’s not to say that a cute filter here and there isn’t fun or amping up the brightness is off the table. But, drastically altering your appearance in photos with terribly unrealistic editing or filters does more harm than good, so leave that habit in the 2010s.


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Photo Credit: Mary Honkus

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