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As summer comes to an end, now more than ever is the time to turn to self-tanner. After all, keeping your summer glow around is the easiest way to keep a piece of summer with you all year long. Of course, if you’re new to the world of self-tanner, we understand there are likely some concerns you may have—stained sheets, clothes, and hands probably being part of that list. Took the plunge and tried getting a faux tan only to end up with self-tanner palms? No need to fret. Below, we’re sharing how to get self tanner off hands—during and post-application—and how to avoid getting self-tanner on your palms in the first place.


You’ve followed all the instructions on your self-tanner bottle to a T, but aren’t sure what to do next about your palms. Want to avoid self-tanner hands? It’s all about taking the proper precautions after applying your self-tanner.

Step #1: Wipe your palms. The best way to thoroughly wash your hands post-fake tan is to use a wipe or washcloth. If you go straight to the sink and give your hands a thorough washing, you’ll end up removing your self-tanner from the tops of your hands—leaving you with the unwanted and unnatural transition of tan arms to pale hands. So, your first step should be using a wipe or washcloth to carefully clean your palms and the undersides of your fingers.

Step #2: Get in the grooves. You’ll notice when you get a natural tan that the area between your fingers doesn’t usually pick up much color. On the contrary, if you leave self-tanner to sit in this area, it’ll likely end up extra dark as the skin there tends to be drier than in other spots. You can easily avoid this by taking your wipe or washcloth and carefully guiding it along the crevices between your fingers.


Forgot to care for your hands after applying self-tanner? Perhaps you’ve given your tan time to develop without realizing you didn’t wipe your palms clean of product—only to be left with that dreaded unnatural tan tint on the underside of your hands and between your fingers. Yikes! Don’t freak out yet; we’re sharing everything you need to know about how to get self tanner off hands.

Tip #1: Wash your hands. If you forgot to thoroughly clean your palms before your tan developed, washing your hands now can help naturally fade the tan that’s been left behind. If you can, try to focus your washing solely on your palms and between your fingers—but don’t expect your tan to wash away overnight!

Tip #2: Exfoliate. Of course, you can always choose to exfoliate your palms to get rid of unwanted self-tanner. That being said, make sure to use a gentle exfoliant, as your palms tend to be softer and more fragile than other spots. Moreover, don’t overdo it! Give your hands a break in-between exfoliating sessions rather than attempting to slough off your tanning mistake in one night.


Want to avoid getting self-tanner on your hands altogether? There are a few tricks you can use to keep this mishap at arm’s length.

Tip #1: Use a tanning mitt. Rather than using your hands to apply self-tanner, you can use a tanning mitt! We love this method of application because it eliminates the possibility of stained palms all together—not to mention it makes it easy to blend and apply your self-tanner for an even application. When it comes to tanning your hands, put the mitt on the opposite hand, and apply self-tanner only to the tops. Easy, right?

Tip #2: Less is more. Think you should use an extra dose of self-tanner for your hands alone? Think again! When it comes to tanning your hands, the less product you work with, the better. Apply your self-tanner to your arm first, then drag any remaining product over the top of your hand and fingers. Trust us; a little will go a long way!

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