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How to Manage Dry Skin on Your Hands

April 03, 2020

When you’re constantly washing your hands, it’s easy for your skin to become dried out—especially during the cold winter months. What’s a gal who’s practicing proper hygiene to do? Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can add to your daily regimen to make dry, cracked hands a thing of the past. Interested? Below, we’re sharing how to handle dry skin on your hands with seven helpful skin care tips. Extremely dry hands? Don’t know her!


As you can probably guess, our top tip for tackling dry skin on your hands is to have a moisturizer with you at all times. Look for an on-the-go option that’s specifically formulated to help extremely dry hands like the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Manuka Honey All Over Balm - Face, Neck, Chest and Hands. This balm contains manuka honey and nurturing oils and can help relieve mature, very dry skin, wrapping it in soothing moisture to soften hands that feel tight and uncomfortable. Sounds like a match for your dry hands, don’t you think? To use, simply smooth onto skin until thoroughly absorbed.


Did you know there are specific times you should make sure to moisturize your dry hands? According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), you should slather on a moisturizer immediately after patting your skin dry post-hand wash. This will allow the moisturizer to trap in the moisture sitting on your skin. Dry hands, who?


When it comes to washing your hands, it’s important to be mindful of the temperature of the water you’re using. Especially during the winter, you may be tempted to turn up the heat for a few seconds of comforting warmth. But just like when taking a shower, its best to turn down the temperature. Per the AAD, you want to use lukewarm water instead of hot temperatures when washing your hands, as hot water can dry out your skin and either lead to or worsen dry, cracked hands.


When it comes to cleansing your hands, certain products can be too harsh on your dry skin. It’s important to look for soaps that are gentle and free of fragrances, which can further dry out your hands. Also, keep an eye out for formulas that are free of alcohol! According to the AAD, following these rules when it comes to picking a hand soap will help your skin retain its natural oils and avoid becoming dry and cracked.


Trying to care for extremely dry hands? The AAD recommends using an ointment or cream to more effectively moisturize the dry skin on your hands. Look for one that contains olive or jojoba oil, as suggested by the AAD.

Editor’s note: You can also use petroleum jelly for intense hydration. Don’t believe us? Here are 7 Uses of Petroleum Jelly you should (but may not) know.


It’s important to protect your hands from the elements, especially during the cold winter season. The AAD states that you should put gloves on before going outdoors in the winter, as well as prior to getting your hands wet or dealing with chemicals and greases. It can also be a good idea to put on a pair of cloth gloves after applying your hand moisturizer or ointment at night, as this will help lock in hydration even more.


Sure, you know that humidifiers can benefit your complexion, but did you ever stop to consider that they could help the skin on your hands in the same way? According to the AAD, using a humidifier is a great way to add moisture to the air and help soothe dry skin—be it on your face or hands.

Next up: Now that you know how to manage dry skin on your hands, perhaps you’d like to learn about other hand care tips and tricks. Head over to our article, 16 Ways to Show Your Hands and Nails Some Major TLC.

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