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4 Summer Skin Tips for Your Day at the Beach

Sun Care & Self-Tanning

4 Summer Skin Tips for Your Day at the Beach 4 Summer Skin Tips for Your Day at the Beach 4 Summer Skin Tips for Your Day at the Beach

When it comes to maintaining that summer skin glow, what you do before hitting the beach to get glowing skin can be just as important as what you bring with you. Some of the summer skin essentials to pack in your beach bag may seem obvious, but others can be easy to overlook. If you’re beach bound for the day, you’ll want to head to the seashore equipped with these summer skin tips in mind so that your glowing skin stays protected and luminous until the sun goes down.

Summer skin beach day essential #1: SPF with broad spectrum protection.
Your number one item that should always accompany you to the beach is a sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF protection. It’s not enough to simply apply sunscreen before you head out, it’s recommended that you reapply sun protection every 80 minutes as you are bound to sweat or swim while out in the sun and these formulas can evaporate or rinse off overtime. So apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure, pack it with you and reapply it about every 80 minutes.

Summer skin beach day essential #2: Consider packing alternative sources of shade.
Glowing skin is not red, burned skin. You can protect your skin with sunscreen, but you should also look for additional ways to shield your skin from the sun. Pack a beach umbrella, wide brimmed hat and sunglasses in your beach bag to help further shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, UV is greatest when the sun is at its highest point, between 10am and 4pm, so seek shade when you can during these hours.

Summer skin beach day essential #3: Bring along a water bottle to hydrate skin from the inside, out.
When your body is hydrated your skin can look more luminous and hydrated too. If you’re body becomes dehydrated or if you don’t replenish it with water after being outside in the heat all day, your skin can start to look dull. Keep your body and skin hydrated throughout your beach day by packing a large refillable water bottle or a few disposable bottles with you– so that water is available whenever you’re thirsty.

Summer skin beach day essential #4: A healthy lunch.
Seaside foods can typically include ice cream, funnel cakes or greasy sandwiches made at the beach boardwalk grill. Try to steer clear of foods like this during your day at the beach and instead, pack a picnic lunch to bring along with you containing foods that can help promote glowing skin like a chilled salmon salad, yogurt berry parfait and nuts to snack on.

Have glowing skin while at the beach and protect it and maintain it by keeping these summer skin essentials at the ready when spending your summer day at the shore line.