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Do You Need To Use Moisturizer If You Have Oily Skin?

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Do You Need To Use Moisturizer If You Have Oily Skin? Do You Need To Use Moisturizer If You Have Oily Skin? Do You Need To Use Moisturizer If You Have Oily Skin?

If you have oily skin, there’s a very real possibility that you believe skipping out on moisturizer after washing your face is no big deal. After all, why would you want your face to look even shinier than it already does? Well, believe it or not, you should never underestimate the power of a good moisturizer—even if you have oily skin. The same way using a facial cleanser is important for all skin types, moisturizing regularly is non-negotiable. Still not convinced that using moisturizer is a necessary skin care step for oily skin? We’re here to break things down, explaining why oily skin types should moisturize and how to find the best moisturizer for oily skin.


We already covered this a little, but the answer to the question, “Do you need to use moisturizer if you have oily skin?” is a resounding yes! Look, we get it: the thought of slathering moisturizer onto skin that’s already shiny isn't very appealing. But, before you go running in the opposite direction, it’s important to understand just how beneficial the right moisturizer can be for oily skin. In normal and oily skin, external factors such as pollution, UV rays, and excessive cleansing can damage skin’s moisture barrier, causing loss of moisture and an increase in oil production. As a result, your complexion can start to look overly shiny. That’s right, refusing to moisturize can actually lead to your skin looking oilier. Not your goal, right? That’s why you should moisturize oily skin after cleansing—just as you would moisturize dry skin.


Now that you know why it’s important to apply moisturizer to oily skin, it’s time to pick out the best moisturizer for oily skin. Not sure where to start? Here’s a good guideline to follow: Opt for oil-free, lightweight formulas. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, those with oily skin should use a moisturizer that is lightweight and non-comedogenic—meaning it won’t block pores. The L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care - Normal to Oily Skin is a good fit. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water, this moisturizer helps provide long-lasting hydration with a matte finish. Immediately, the appearance of excess shine is reduced and skin looks mattified and fresh. Smooth this moisturizer on morning and night after cleansing.


After learning that moisturizing oily skin is a must, you might be wondering if your entire skin care routine is all wrong. Don’t stress! Follow these tips for putting together a skin care routine for oily skin.

Oily skin tip #1: Use a clay facial cleanser

Consider using a clay facial cleanser, like the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Purify & Mattify Facial Cleanser, which leaves skin with a clean, clear look. The clay-to-mousse cleanser, formulated with eucalyptus leaf extract, goes beyond daily cleansing and provides a deep clean for skin that feels refreshed and has a matte finish.

Oily skin tip #2: Don’t over-wash your face

The AAD states that while some people with oily skin may need to wash their face as frequently as two to three times a day, over-washing your skin can lead to increased oil production. There’s no reason to go overboard! Cleansing once in the morning and once at night should be sufficient.

Editor’s tip: Feeling super gross after exercising? It’s also a good idea to cleanse post-workout!

Oily skin tip #3: Try a face mask a few times a week

We shouldn’t have to twist your arm too much to get you to heed this advice—applying a face mask and chilling out isn’t exactly hard work. To pamper your oily complexion, try the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Purify & Mattify Face Mask. Impurities, dirt, makeup, and excess oils can build up on the surface of your skin and clog pores, leading to the appearance of excessively oily skin. Yikes! This face mask is formulated with three clays (kaolin, montmorillonite, and Moroccan lava) and eucalyptus leaf extract to help draw out the buildup of dirt, oil, and impurities, absorb impurities and unclog pores, reduce the appearance of excess shine, and allow your skin to breathe. To use, apply an even layer to clean, dry skin (remember to avoid your delicate eye and lip area!), leave on for 10-15 minutes, then remove with water. Use three times a week for best results.

Oily skin tip# 4: Switch up your toner

Toners are usually applied after cleansing to remove remaining oils, dirt, and grime from the surface of your skin. However, some toners are formulated with alcohol, which can be drying. If you’re going to use a toner, look for an alcohol-free formula instead.

Oily skin tip #5: Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen as the last step in your skin care routine

No matter what your skin type is, broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must. According to the AAD, sunscreen helps prevent sun damage that could lead to wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer. The AAD recommends reaching for an oil-free and fragrance-free formula, with an SPF value of 30 or higher. You’ll also want to take other sun protection measures, including limiting time spent in the sun (especially between 10 AM and 2 PM, which are the sun’s peak hours), seeking shade when you’re outside, and covering up exposed areas with long sleeves, pants, a broad-brimmed hat, and UV-blocking sunglasses.

Oily skin tip #6: Use oil-free, matte makeup

Get familiar with the word matte; if you have oily skin, matte—aka non-shiny—finishes should be your best friend. This applies not only to your skin care products but your makeup products too! The AAD also recommends looking for makeup with an oil-free formula—and we know just the thing. For an oil-free, matte foundation, try the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. The foundation has an air-light texture, demi-matte finish, and medium coverage. To use, smooth it onto your skin in a rolling motion with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender. It’s that easy!

Oily skin types often have a problem with their makeup staying in place, so it’s also a good idea to add a mattifying face primer to your makeup collection. To lock in your next makeup look, apply the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Lock Makeup Primer before your foundation. This primer improves makeup application, blurs imperfections, and keeps oil at bay.

Oily skin tip #7: Toss blotting papers in your bag

These are essential for oily skin! If your skin looks shiny, simply dab your T-zone (the area where skin tends to be oiliest) to help soak up excess grease. When using a blotting sheet, avoid rubbing the paper on your face, which the AAD cautions will spread oil to other areas.

Oily skin tip #8: Set your makeup

Primer isn’t your only defense against fading or shifting face makeup. To keep your makeup from budging, you can also set your makeup with a translucent face powder, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Sweep & Lock Loose Setting Face Powder. This face powder controls shine and creates a soft focus, matte effect.

Oily skin tip #9: Remove your makeup with micellar water

After a long day out, you probably just want to crash in bed. But before you do that, take everything you’re wearing—foundation, mascara, etc.—off. When you sleep in your makeup, it can clog your pores. Keep a micellar water, which can gently remove makeup and cleanse skin, on your nightstand and you won’t have to fear clogged pores. Powered by tiny micelles—oil molecules—suspended in water, micellar water lifts dirt and impurities up and away from your skin. For your oily complexion in particular, use the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water - Normal To Oily Skin. Saturate a cotton pad with the micellar water, then wipe the pad across your face. No rinsing or rubbing required—hence why it’s the perfect bedside beauty product.

Oily skin tip #10: Don’t touch your face throughout the day

According to the AAD, touching your face can spread dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands to your face. Do your best to avoid the temptation throughout the day and only touch your face when you’re cleansing, moisturizing, or applying sunscreen or makeup. Make sure your hands are clean and oil-free before any activities that require touching your face.

Oily skin tip #11: Wash your sheets

While this may seem pretty self-explanatory, if you have oily skin, you may want to consider washing your sheets and pillowcases more frequently than usual. The oils from your face can transfer and absorb into the material of your bedding, leading to future breakouts. No thanks!

Oily skin tip #12: Stick to powder makeup

When it comes to makeup products like blush and eye shadow, you’re better off opting for products with a powder formula as opposed to ones with liquid or cream consistencies since powders will have better staying power on oily skin. To replace your favorite cream blush, try the L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise Enchanted Fruit-Scented Blush Makeup, which in addition to being a powder, also just so happens to have a delightful, fruity scent.

Oily skin tip #13: Use a setting spray

Primers and powders are amazing for keeping your makeup intact but have you heard about setting spray? If not, setting spray is a must-have for oily skin. Simply spritz the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray in “X” and “T” motions over your face for a “just applied” makeup look that lasts all day. This particular setting spray has a non-comedogenic formula, making it ideal for those with oily skin.

Were you hoping we’d go into more specifics on makeup for oily skin? No worries, you can learn about all of the beauty products that deserve a place on every oily girl’s vanity in our article, The 15 Best Makeup Products for Oily Skin | 2018.