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Makeup Remover Guide: 5 Ways to a Fresh Face

Skin Care Essentials

Makeup Remover Guide: 5 Ways to a Fresh Face Makeup Remover Guide: 5 Ways to a Fresh Face Makeup Remover Guide: 5 Ways to a Fresh Face

Putting on makeup can be a lot of fun – especially if it involves a little shimmer and gloss. The not-so-fun part, however, comes into play when you have to remove layers of shadow, foundation and blush – and it can become even less amusing when removing heavy eye makeup, eye liner and mascara. Some may try to remove makeup hurriedly while cleansing and others might admit defeat and head to bed with a full face of makeup intact. Doing so, though, will only set your skin up to look dull and dirty the next morning – not to mention, you’d be leaving your skin more vulnerable to potential breakouts. Residual makeup can clog your pores and cause your other skin care products to mix with any congestion on your skin’s surface. Dr. Rocio Rivera, Director of Scientific Communications adds to that, “Science has proven that not cleansing your skin from daily pollutants and dirt can also age your skin.”

If there’s one thing you should always make time for at night, it’s removing your makeup. Makeup can mix with sweat, dirt and oils that build up on your skin overnight. Makeup residue can also mix with dead skin cells, contributing to a pile up on your skin’s surface. You really should try to turn in with clean skin and a fresh face, so that your skin can work to regroup at its highest potential while your sleep.

That being said, effectively removing makeup can be easier said than done. It can be challenging to remove every stitch of makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner formulas. Plus, if you spend too much time rubbing your skin with makeup remover over the same places, your skin can become dry as some formulas contain alcohol. But, don’t give up, there a handful of makeup remover options available that are appropriate for all kinds of makeup and skin types.

Makeup remover method #1: Makeup up remover wipes or towelettes. Great for daily use and as a pre-step to cleansing, makeup remover wipes can clean skin of foundation, concealer and eye shadow. They’re also convenient to pack and bring along with you on trips to better help you maintain a fresh face while traveling. Look for makeup remover wipe options that are alcohol-free, as they will be less likely to dry skin if you need to use more than one swipe. You can try: Ideal Clean™ All Skin Types Makeup Removing Towelettes.

Makeup remover method #2: Toner. Your regular skin toner can be used as a pre-step to cleansing to remove makeup. This makeup remover method can help you get clean skin and refresh your complexion at the same time. Moisten a cotton pad with a few drops and gently wipe it across your skin. Some toners can be drying or contain high levels or alcohol, so consider options that are non-drying like HydraFresh Toner, the formula was fortified with Pro-Vitamin B5 and helps protect against moisture loss.

Makeup remover method #3: Micellar water. A makeup remover method favored by Parisians has recently become popular in the States. Micellar water can help remove makeup, cleanse and hydrate skin at the same time – making it another favorite makeup remover method to travel with. Micellar water formulas require no water for wetting the skin or rinsing, making it a perfect product to help you achieve a fresh face while on the go. Dr. Rivera particularly favors micellar water formulas because, “These formulas were specifically formulated to attract and enwrap dirt without stripping your skin of natural oils.” You can follow the multi-tasking clean skin product with a regular cleanser – but you don’t necessarily have to. A suitable choice for those with dry skin, micellar water attracts makeup and dirt like a magnet when a few drops are applied to a cotton pad and swiped across the skin.

Makeup remover method #4: Cold cream. You can use a cold cream, which is a simple emulsion of high concentrations of mineral oil and waxes in water, a heavy moisturizer or a night cream to gently remove heavy makeup. Dip a makeup wipe into your cream and gently swipe across the areas of your face that have heavy makeup, like your eyes if you used a glitter shadow or your cheeks, nose and forehead if you had applied a contour to your face. Cold creams can remove makeup and moisturize skin at the same time, so that your skin is less likely to become dry, even if it takes some time. Be sure to follow up with your regular cleanser.

Makeup remover method #5: Cleansing oil. Using a cleansing oil to clean skin can be a great option if you wear heavy eye makeup or have dry skin and it is a great option for all skin types. If you have oily skin, you shouldn’t be afraid to use this makeup remover method. Cleansing oils will rinse away completely and not clog your pores if you follow up with your typical cleanser. Apply a few drops to a cotton pad and dab across your skin. Cleansing oil, can be nourishing and less-harsh on dry skin – especially the delicate dry skin around the eyes. Be sure to follow up with a cleanser after, so that skin does not become extra oily as you sleep. Dr. Rivera explains, “Oil attracts oil, so using an oil to remove make up is a good option, then wash your face with warm water to remove the oil and follow with your regular cleanser.”

Take care of your skin, by always starting your nighttime routine with one, two or even three makeup remover methods. If you are wearing a lot of makeup you may need to try more than one strategy, perhaps start with a wipe, use a cleansing oil for eye makeup removal and refresh the rest of your skin with a few swipes of cotton pad moistened with micellar water or a toner.

After removing your makeup using any of these methods you can wash your face with a cleanser – but also, try not to forget to moisturize your skin before you turn in. A fresh face should be clean and glowing. If you simply cleanse your skin at night, you may rise to find your complexion looking dry and dull. Apply a serum at night to your skin while it is still damp after cleansing, then apply your eye cream and other spot treatments and finally seal everything in with your night cream.