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How to Shower for Beautiful Skin

Skin Care Essentials

How to Shower for Beautiful Skin How to Shower for Beautiful Skin How to Shower for Beautiful Skin

You may be thinking that your mother covered the how-to shower basics with you long ago – but for beautiful skin today, the shower steps to hit go beyond scrubbing behind your ears. The truth is, you may be showering all wrong and traditional shower habits like steaming water and piles of soapy suds may be doing more harm than good. Take advantage of your time in the shower and make it more than just a routine part of getting clean and instead follow these skin tips to foster more beautiful skin.

Avoid scalding temperatures. This may be one of the toughest showering skin tips to adapt to if you have become accustomed to steaming streams of hot water – but making the switch to a tepid temperature can truly be worthwhile. Hot water can strip your skin of natural oils and result in overall dryness. When washing your body – and especially your face – opt for lukewarm water that will help to clean skin, but not dry it out.

Apply a cleansing oil before stepping in. A somewhat unconventional method of removing stubborn makeup residue, if you’re showering at night consider applying a cleansing oil to your skin before stepping in. The oil will work to break down dirt and oil on your skin while you tend to your hair and other parts of your body. Rinse off the oil before washing your face with a cleanser.

… Or a gel-based mask. You could also apply a gel-based mask that will stick to your skin better than cream masks will while in the shower. For this option, remove makeup and cleanse skin at the sink and then apply a ten-minute mask before jumping into the shower. Applying a mask while showering can help to give skin a moisture boost – instead of losing moisture, something that can easily happen when skin comes into contact with water for an extended period of time.

Wash your hair first and your face last. Oils and products from your hair can easily drip onto your face while in the shower. Be sure to cleanse your face last so that you remove any pore clogging debris before stepping out.

Toss loofahs and washcloths. You may love your loofah, but chances are it’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Loofahs, washcloths and bath sponges that reside in moist areas are likely to collect bacteria – so instead of using them to get clean, beautiful skin they may actually put your skin at risk. Your hands are most likely clean, now that you’ve already been in the shower and washed your hair – so they’ll do as your optimal cleaning tool. But, if you can’t imagine how to shower without your loofah, consider replacing it every month.

Keep showers short. Another one of the tough skin tips to adapt to: Cutting down time in the shower is really the best thing for your skin as extended periods of time in water can cause dryness. Optimal shower length is between five to ten minutes. Consider making a shower playlist to help keep you on track and aware of the time you spend cleaning your beautiful skin. On the bright side, you’ll be less likely to leave with pruned finger tips.

Moisturize while skin is still damp. When you have finished showering pat yourself dry, try to avoid harshly rubbing, and then apply body lotion and face moisturizers while your skin is still damp. This is really the best time for your skin to receive hydration, when pores are open and clean.

Now that you have re-learned how to shower, make your time spent getting clean more than simply about lathering and rinsing. Focus on these skin tips to maintain a healthy, hydrated complexion and best cater to what your beautiful skin needs.